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Crows, The Everwatchers

Pay heed to the crows when they are out and about, for they are not just guides to the dead but also protectors of the living and shall warn all when harm comes their way. - Kor Farseer

Watchers and Guides

  Crows can be found all across Embera and are often seen as an omen of death and darkness as they watch over places of conflict before feasting on remains. However, in the lands of Kor, they have far more significant meaning to them as they help deliver the dead to their final resting places. But they are also seen as protectors of the living, as they often warn those around them as they crow when something comes near them and fly off. Like most animals, the aura of The Gloom often causes animals to flee as their instincts tell them that anything involving it is terrible news. Often resulting it become eerily silent when Gloomspawn are nearby or other dark powers at play.   This is not said with crows as they go into a frenzy as they scatter in all directions and cry out into the air of the near danger. People in the area see this as a sign of trouble brewing and preparing for it to come. It is customary to keep crows in and near settlements as a warning system, with them being fed and many being made pets by the locals. Some of the local Farseers use them to try to speak with the dead if they know how to do it, as the birds tend to fly away if they cannot use their power correctly. But most people outside of Kor often find this a ridiculous idea be able to use a bird for such things, yet some claim to see it happen, though they don’t know if it is the crow talking or the deceased. All that is certain is that crows still hold a strong spiritual significance in Kor and will still have one for a long time to come.

Keepers of the Dead

May your spirit reach your final rest through the father's children. Kor Funeral Excerpt
  Crows and death go hand in hand in Kor as they are often seen guides to carry on the dead to the afterlife. All crows are the children to a being known as the Crow Father, who is responsible for laying the dead to rest once they arrive at his tree. Here he passes on judgement them to see how they lived with theses that pass being given the Gift of Slumber, with them sleeping while dreaming of their greatest desires. As for those that fail they are made to listen to the endless cries of the crows and be pecked by them until their time of penance comes to an end. During funerals in Kor, at least one crow is present at it so they can carry the soul into the afterlife.

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