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Fate Binding

Both the light and the dark will attempt to fight for dominance so long as there is some worth fighting over, and with it, champions will be chosen to battle until one side is victorious. - Stargazer

Bound by Fate

  Since the time of the Radiant Dawn, the clashes of the light and The Gloom have been never-ending as each one tries to overwhelm the other. It is through this struggle that fate-binding has become a key to their victories. This has led to the Spark and The Gloom to mark with their seals to become their champions so they may become prepared for the clash between one another when the time arrives. Of course, these Fate Binders are often rare as they will not come until a crucial moment is found that may decide the world's fate. Often taking centuries to arrive and face one another as each other to determine what will happen next.

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