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Starry Veil

To those who look to the dark sky of night where it may seem dim and unending, look to the stars where hope burns brightest against the Endless Abyss and its wicked master. Astral Warren Anders
  Beyond the world of light that all call home lies what most consider a plane of darkness that would one day devour the world if it were not for the steadfast protectors that watch over it. Only when the sun sets and the night comes forth may all witness the beautiful and wonderous sight of the Starry Veil in all its splendor. Each star takes its place in holding back The Gloom in its domain of the Endless Abyss.


Icons of The Veil: Across the stars, some stand out far more than the rest of their shining brethren; these groups of stars often make an image usually known as an icon. Each one has its meaning and story that frequently sees them bring good and bad tidings when seen in the sky. At least forty-two icons exist in the veil, with all those looking at the night sky seeking to see what events are coming.   Chains of Perseverance: For each star that shines in the sky, so does that light intertwine them in the veil to create a chain that becomes the shield that will repel the encroaching darkness that lies beyond its shining beacon. So long as these stars stand together, the Gloom will never seep into the world and consume it whole.   Beacons of Hope: Even amongst the stars, some shine brighter than their brethren, the strongest wills defying the darkness before them. These stars are power made manifest by the champions of the light who have been deemed worthy to ascend to the veil to protect the world, amongst them being filled with hope for all to share its light.   The Twin Sparks: The name given to the Sun, the bringer of day, and the Moon, the sustainer of night, for they were the first stars that came into being during the Radiant Dawn. The sun's strength forces back darkness to allow the stars to rest during the day, while the moon allows the sun to relax and watch over the stars, being ever vigilant when the dark draws near.   Endless Abyss : Beyond the veil lies the total darkness, where the Gloom resides in its total power. No light can be found here, with nothingness taking hold of all, with it being ever present at the edge of the veil.

Ecosystem Cycles

Transference Cycles : Only at night can the stars glimmer across the sky. It leaves when the sun rises to bring about the day and returns when it sets to rest to bring about the night with its counterpart, the moon.

Localized Phenomena

Star Fall : When a star can no longer hold the line against the Gloom and it is bested by it, it will come crashing down from the Starry Veil and crashing to earth. But it is not a time of mourning, for its lights bring renewal, strength, and the coming of events as its descent.   Rainbow Veil: During the winter season and in the cold lands of Kor, the star often displays a series of colors dancing across the night sky with wonder and beauty for all to watch with glee. No one knows why this happens, and many have their ideas, yet all that is seen in a dark, cold place can feel a warmth inside as if to lift their spirits in this time of hardship.


Birth of the Stars

  During the beginning of the world brought about by the Radiant Dawn and into the Dawn Age, two suns existed to protect it forever from the power of the Gloom. It was the final gift left by the Eternal Spark before it vanished, ensuring that its people would be protected for as long as it shined brightly. When the Scions of the Dawn brought forth an age of wonders under them, life was good and peaceful. That was until The Deceiver brought about the end of the glorious age with his deceptions and the War of the Fractured, leading a time of darkness and misery forever known as the Age of Shadows. From this, the world was in darkness, and the Shadow Dominion spread across the once peaceful land. Not even the twins could withstand its power, and one would be pushed away as darkness descended upon the world, waiting to consume it all into nothingness.
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Yet while all seemed lost, the second sun remained defiant against the force that sought to consume all, with it being said that the Spark of Creation reached out, hearing those that still had hope in this hour of desperation and ensuring their survival. From this time of desperation, the second sun would give up much of its power and create a veil of light across the dark sky that would push back the encroaching darkness as tiny dots of light began to cover the dark sky. The twin suns no longer watch over the world, for the second sun would become the moon and its children the star, watching over the new night sky, giving hope to all that gazed upon them. Through them, the Age of Darkness would not be eternal, and one day, it would bring about a champion known as Jonah the Star-Touched, who would see the light restored through their power. Since then, the stars have remained vigilant against that darkness, ensuring it can never reach the world to consume it while lending their aid when needed or asking those they choose to know their ways.
Alternative Name(s)
Veil of Stars, Gems of The Night Sky, The Lights of Hope
Planetary Orbit

Reading Signs

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To know the way of the stars and the messages they give can never be learned, only understood. - Cryptic Astra Crafter
  Understanding the meanings of the veil is often considered a gift, as most do not see it. The stars are said to choose those who shine brightest as beacons of hope, just like them. These individuals, known as the Star Bound or Astrals, shall light the way in the darkest night when needed and are given the signs that will guide them in their journey to preserve the light. Yet they can never force the coming and going of the messages that they bring to them and must have patience when they send them the signs that they send to them.  

Veil of Hope

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No matter how things seem bleak, look to the Stars, and you shall find hope in the darkness. Emasi Lifegiver
  Out of the things that the Eternal Spark has made to give light to the world, the stars are considered its most outstanding achievement. No other light burns so brightly than the ones that stand in darkness. The veil is usually called the embodiment of hope because it was built upon it by those who came before it and continue to do so to ensure that it may never fall into the endless void beyond it. What is greater than the hope of a better tomorrow, with hope leading the way in its brilliance across the night sky?

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