The Deceiver

Herald of the Shadows (a.k.a. The Deceiver)

Anyone who knows about the Dawn Ages knows all too well of the liar that caused such an era to collapse on itself. - Archivist

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Destroyer of an Age

  One of the most infamous individuals in the history of Embera, the Deceiver was a Scion of the Dawn whose name has been lost to time, but his actions remain for he was responsible for the ending Dawn Age and the collapse of the Scion Civilization. From what records say about him before his fall was a beholder, a chronicler who wrote down events that they witnessed to ensure that they would be as accurate as possible and recorded them into the histories. From what was mentioned of him, his life was average and didn't seem to involve anything too life-changing that would change him. Yet it seemed to have happened well overnight as he began to doubt the teachings of the light the Scions held tightly. The best theory to support this may have to do with his occupation as Beholder and having access to the histories of his people since the beginning with something changing his viewpoint on everything when he went through it. It was from here that his path down to darkness began and with it The Gloom's influence began to take hold of him with it said it literally whispered in his ear and told him its lies. While everything thing seemed fine on the surface, deep down his very being was corrupted and with it, he began to spread his lies and deceptions amongst his people, creating doubt among them about the light and the world around them.   This over time led to a downward spiral in the Scion's society as they began to turn on one another with The Deceiver continuing to fuel the fire that kept them divided with no means of reconciliation to stop it as long as he remained. It soon began to worsen with the death of the Giver, an individual of great importance that was known for their compassion and charity for their people and asked for nothing in return. it is said the Deceiver murdered them to cause a greater divide between their people, essentially becoming the first murderer for this act. All seemed to go as planned as the light and innocence of the Scions began to be tainted by his poisonous acts, yet one would so bring his darkness to light for all to bear witness. It was said that in the final days of their civilization, a woman is only known as the Light Bearer who forged the Lantern of Revelation confronted the Deceiver and with the lanterns all seeing light revealed the darkness with him and the deceptions that came with it.   While this made many Scions stay true to the Spark, not all were capable of coming back from it to consume by the dark and remained his followers being forever known as the Harbingers of the Darktide. This put the final nail into the coffin for the end of the Dawn Age as the first war in history had begun, known as the War of the Fractured between the Light Bearer leading the remaining Scions and the Deceivers with his Harbingers. As the conflict ensued and the blood of kin was spilled for the first time, the Deceiver's goal would be complete as the world was now corrupted as the Gloom's power began to spread throughout it. Yet he would see the Age of Shadows as he and the Light Bearer would after many battles would come to clash for one final time, with the Light Bearer using her power of the light to banish him from the world. With it being said that he became one with the Gloom and ceased to exist afterward. Yet his legacy remains as the world was now tainted and trapped in darkness for centuries to come before the light returned.


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