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Grim Ichor

We must remove the ichor from the wound and apply Radiance to this at once before it spreads too much. - Urgent Healer

Infection of Corruption

  The powers of the Gloomspawn are many and can be as lethal no matter what type is faced in battle. But that is not their only danger, for even a wound from them can be as deadly as poison to anyone they contact. The same can be said if it gets into one's eye or mouth, which can be enough to cause severe infection. This affliction is known as Grim Ichor, a substance that comes from the bodies of Gloomspawn themselves that can lead to severe repercussions if left untreated. It is often a common thing to see when there are attacks from Gloomlings and Darken with survivors being infected with when wounded. However, in some cases, those infected do not find treatment in time, and the ichor spreads through their body, and they suffer some of its horrible symptoms.   Due to the dark influence that it is made up of, it will spread throughout the body in only a few days, resulting in a black smear covering the body and getting more extensive as it continues to spread. Making it more challenging for a person to act normal, as corruption causes pain and coldness throughout the body as they turn deathly white. They also alter their personality as they become darker and lose themselves to the darkness. The ichor in a host can go one of two ways, and the lucky ones die unable to withstand the ichor. The ones strong enough are put into a more accelerated version of Gloomification. Turning them into Gloomspawn much faster, making it essential to avoid the injuries as Much as possible to avoid that fate.

Preventive Measures

The best protection is often preventing sickness before it even happens - Semi Ruko
  In today's modern world, Grim Ichor's dangers are not as widespread as in centuries past, as there are many ways to treat it effectively. Treatments with Radiance in Cleansing Sprays or using medicines that can counter the sickness it caused. Even Radiance alone can destroy ichor before it can even infect a person if it were to leave a Gloomspawn. There are also ways to have resistance or immunity from it, such as being born a Bright with Radiants unable to become infected due to their immense power. Armor can also be effective in avoiding injuries from dark substance so long as it gets through it or latches touch the skin after a long time.


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