Vigil Warder

With these machines, we will be able to defend ourselves from even the fiercest of Gloomspawn as none of them will be able to breach this barrier. - GlintLight Builder
  Many inventions have been created since the beginning of the Glintlight Revolution several decades ago, with many enabling the advancement of civilization and technology. Still, none are as coveted as that of the Vigil Warder, a machine that has ensured the safety of countless lives and is used to protect all from the dangers of The Gloom and all that follow it are unable to pass through the barrier that holds them at bay. Across many parts of the world, they can be found in settlements or used by organizations that often make contact with anything Gloom-related to ensure their safety from it. Even less developed regions of the world often have these being a life saved when it all comes down to it. This is all the more reason that these machines are only being made for a specific amount of people who qualify for them because it often takes much time and effort to make them ensure that they work correctly. Their size alone determines how much power they can generate and requires that the owner can afford to fuel and maintain them because of those facts. This makes all the more reason to meet the requirements as these machines cannot left to waste due to their importance.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The device is powered by inserting Radiacne into its system, which in turn converts and manipulates it into a shapeable Radiance barrier that can be used to expand into a dome around the device, with its total size depending on the device. This can also be attached to an object to create a protective layer around it with nothing Gloom-related being able to touch it or be burned by it.


Vigil Warders first appeared a decade and a half after the beginning of the Glintlight Revolution, mainly by accident in the By Zolus Franso in an attempt to produce one of the first-ever Glintlight Engines for a Sky Rider. However, rather than creating an engine that powered a vehicle, it created a sudden energy field that surrounded him briefly. From this accident, he began to test this energy field further for any possible use. He later realized that it was entirely made up of a more concentrated form of Radince that, while causing no harm to most beings, could do so to anything that had a trace of the Gloom. Not too long after, he began to devote his life to improving old designs until he finally made his first successful Vigil Warder in @[Aberos], which would successfully hold off a Gloomspawn attack. From that day forth, this machinery would be considered one of the greatest inventions ever made making Zolus a household name in the field of Glintlight technology.


Vigil Warders is considered one of the best lines of defense against all things involving the Gloom and its influence, being able to keep it out of and inside the barrier when necessary. While it does need a large amount of Radiance that varies with its size, it has ensured the survival of many lives and settlements throughout the years and is greatly desired by many. Even at times, it is considered one of the greatest inventions of the age because of the fact that more and more are being built to be modified and improved upon to ensure better efficiency.
Item type
20 lbs - 150 lbs

Refining Calibration

by Jester%
We need to make sure that Warders become more refined and manageable to ensure that they are at the best proficiency possible - Glintlight Machinist
  The importance of the Vigil Warder in the means of defense against the likes of the Gloomspawn has resulted in many Machinists improving upon past designs to ensure that they are easier to use and manageable by attempting to make them smaller even without sacrificing the energy input to keep as efficient as possible with attempts to create a portable one on a person to protect them from Gloomspawn and possible infection from them.

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