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I understand why the method was created, but it doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do to someone; it strips them of who they might as well be cattle. - Reuben Raines

Forced Docility

  In the current state of the world and the threat of The Gloom can be very stressful on people as they go on about their day. Some of them will suffer from the effects of Gloomification and turn into Gloomspawn if they are not correctly treated. Those who receive the care they need can go on with their lives and get the help they need to cope with their problems and move on. However, this is not always the case with those who cannot seem to control their emotions and mental state, resulting in them going through Gloomification over and over again until they finally become a danger to everyone around them. It is from exceptional cases like these that the Calming method was created to ensure that it does not become a danger. However, they will never be the same afterward because of the severe effects of the procedure and life after the aftermath of it.   As the name implies, the Calming is a procedure that aids in helping others not be emotionally stressed, being those who cannot control their negative emotions. While most other methods use emotional support or physical relief to help someone relieve distress, the Calming is an extreme method that results in the removal of emotions by using a mixture of Radiance and plants that are injected into the head and target the mind, causing it to alter it and affect how emotions are felt through it. This is often against a person's will as they will not be the same after the procedure and will be forced to receive the treatment that usually takes several doses to complete the process in the span of a few days. Once complete, the participant becomes an entirely different person, as they seem docile to the world around them. They often have trouble thinking for themselves as their very will is taken from them, and they can no longer be able to become affected by Gloomification. Only to have their minds trapped in a foggy haze not being able to think or feel the way they once did.

Lost in a Haze

Mother often has trouble eating since she forgets to eat, so I help here when she needs to. - Young Boy
  Those that go through the Calming are often called the Calmed as they show no emotion to anyone they talk to. Life for them is never easy as they are not able to properly take care of themselves as their instincts are lessened when they lose their emotions and must be cared for by others due to this. This also means they lack the understanding of possible dangers around them and can be taken advantage of by others due to their state. Resulting in a difficult life as they are unable to feel the things that they once enjoyed, with their minds being unable to process thoughts like they use to. Cause many to criticize the Calming as nothing more than savagery that turns people into helpless victims.

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