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Water Warnings

by hughpierre

Geographical Distribution

Within the Cold Swamp, liquid water is suspect; as it cannot exist without some obvious heat source. If it is, then it must be acknowledged as possessing a more-than-poisonous reputation.

Water Margin

There exist a mystery of silvery lakes and rivers that penetrate deep into the swampy interior as one might observe similar streams in the valley of man.

Wet Wilds

Rainy tears continuously cascade down the face of the black cliff making it difficult to endure for the uninitiated.



Expression Meaning Explanation
Enter the water To Die Refers to the many bottomless cenotes that dot the landscape and lead to nowhere
Jade Water Questionable Trade Refers to water containing green algae that is best used as fertilizer
Bottom Of The Atoll To be Drunk/Poor Refers to a foreign drink that intoxicates Swampers to addiction
If Water Sings Look out for Dangers Refers to sounds coming from gases steaming through a liquid body
Even Rivers Must Fall Inevitability Refers to the tendency for water to sink and freeze into the soil
Whisper To The Falls Speak to Gods Refers to the unique phenomenon at Evenfall
Bend Over The Mirror To reflect on the difficult parts of oneself Refers to the silvery reflective quality of the poisonous false water
Drowning Agony Difficult problems with easy solutions Refers to the feeling of discovering a solution to a serious problem, too late, after feeling the consequences
From the Well Rain Refers to the droplets that fall from the cracks in the frozen sky
Still River Perfection Refers to when the lazy speed that the sauoomsae normally flows before turning into a nauseating route

Building / Landmark | Mar 10, 2024
Enter the water
Easy to get lost
Jade Water
Leave something behind
Bottom of the Atole
Disabling and leading to capture
When Water Sings
An exploitable flaw in the room
River Falls
A torrent is comming
Able to negotiate with a non-visible someone
Potentially Toxic
Visible escape
Look to the Ceiling
Confined to a specific area
  Over the course of gameplay, PCs have pre-knowledge of the idioms and may notice the idiom's physical description matches the water traps inside the Auan and may offer hints to escape.

Cover image: Cenote by Yaakal


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