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When people think of the evenfall, they are really thinking about two waterfall that follow in the exact same path, at the exact same time; just in different directions. 
  The falls exist inside the territory of the Yulyult Short Step and flows over a portion of their Bath Path trade route. This makes it a difficult section for caravans to cross as the misty conditions can obscure ones vision, as well as emerging wet on the other side and risking pneumonia.   The fall's misty tail is the first thing an observer, whether closing in or far away, will see. The actual phenomena of water falling and rising is hidden within a notched pocket of the cliff side. This is a feature carved by the water itself over its lifespan.

Localized Phenomena


Evenfall is considered the weakest upfall and straddles the boundaries of the Bad Step and the Floodlands. From its source in the Wet Wilds, a continuous stream of water is siphoned from the water table skywards, where it connects with two additional cliff springs until it eventually falls over the other side of the Step.  


All along the way, water particles are drifting off the upfall's edges and back towards the swamp. The water moving under the effects of the upfall is called the Evenfall, while the water falling downwards is called the Mornfall. As a result of the winds and the height at which the particles are falling, the Mornfall never actually retouches the ground, and its shape becomes distorted in such a way that it resembles a wavy slope.
Alternative Name(s)
Location under
Bad Step
Geographic Location | Dec 25, 2020

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Cover image: Angel Falls HDR by dllavaneras

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