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Major language groups and dialects

Silencer Talk

A specialized means by which scouts, hunters, skirmishers, and vanguard units communicate with each other beyond visual range mimicking the sounds of their natural environment.

Shared customary codes and values


The traditional step folk religion that focuses on the worship of the ancestor giants so claimed in particular groups.

Average technological level

Inherited Knowledge

The elkin groups, even those isolated from each other, still carry the skills and techniques remembered or half-remembered from their former Tuskin masters.
Unlike most places, ranged warfare is awarded higher prestige than melee combat. Elkin access pliable fungal materials to make huge bows that warriors could carry and affix in strategic spots to launch the biggest arrows around.
Mold Medicines
A large class of mold, fungi and parasites that thrive in the grooves and provide medicinal value in treating diseases, birth control, bodily enhancements, ailments and in fashioning special casts.
  Developed Knowledge
Many unique mold and materials can be extracted from their isolated caves, which carry unusual chemical properties useful in both war and peace.

Common Etiquette rules

Arm Gestures

Originating from the silencer talk of hunter and warrior tactics; these are physical idioms conveyed by combinations of fist bumping, arm flexing, joint angling and wide contact motions.

Common Dress code

Horn Crown

A badge of military excellence on the field of battle. The horns are representative of Keanian horns taken from the ancient enemy. And while fosilized horns are prized for this purpose, elkin are often scammed with the horns of other creatures.  

Slate and Fiber Amour

Layered protection starting with fungal or plant fibers closest to the skin and sheets of mined rock slate fashioned into the custom form of their would-be warrior.


In memory of the Tuskin's shadow armour; a thick cloak is draped across the shoulders for warmth and camouflage.

Art & Architecture


Jumps are the isolated echelons that raise between the peak and mid ranges that are often home to the purest of Step Folk. The ‘Jumps’ got their name from when condemned nobles are thrown into the swamp below in velvet sacs.   These types of summits are often flooded by rising fog from the swamp winds that brings the 'ghost river' to snake in-between and, at times, overtake Jumps for several leagues over the range’s sky.
At the pinnacle of the Jumps, are some rock sculpted homes and hide roofs made to house larger communities.   Noticeable defensive structures make up a significant part of the infrastructure, though even in the Holdouts, they may never see a siege because of the shear difficulty of scaling a Jump.
The Jumps' mountain blood system is overwhelmingly disconnected from the rest the range's cave system. This includes being removed from the bad path and black roads; though this is sometimes questioned by inhabitants and outside speculators.   But this also makes it ideal for individuals to carve personal accommodations widely spaced from others.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Martial Skills

All the independent and integrated Jumps are largely martial societies. They are so famous and their average physical size so intimidating, that groups are sought after as person guards or specialized heavy infantry.

Common Taboos

Entering the Cold Swamp

Elkin correlate the creation of the Cold Swamp with the extinction of their Kin masters.   More than just being culturally trying, the "Rock Rains" that wiped out the Tuskin also collapsed half of the Step into the Cold. And afterwards, isolated survivors slowly found each other again.

Common Myths and Legends

Keanian Enemy

Just as the Cloud Clans were subservient to the Hornkin, the Elkin were subservient to the Tuskin. And as well, created their creed around an idealized past.   Keans have always be seen as devils when they were alive and continue to be so, even though they are gone.


Beauty Ideals


Tall, broad chested and muscular with a red head of hair


Tall, big chested and muscular with a red head of hair

Gender Ideals


Outsiders have observed that the equal opportunities across the genders arises because of their small and decreasing numbers on the Long Step Jumps and the constant demand for labour.   However, those of elkin blood insist that their bodies, as inherited by their ancestors, are what determine their course in life.

Courtship Ideals


Contests of marksmanship and simulated combat are held yearly to show off in front of potential mates.

Relationship Ideals


Marriages within the Jumps are better thought as business contracts allocating responsibilities of child rearing and the level of commitments of each's personal resources. Such contracts may typically last for only a few years, baring in mind that a winter year is only 100 days to the solar year's 365 days.

Major organizations

Long Step

During the Seductions, the allied Short Steps took three mighty Jumps through force of arms.
Their level of importance fluctuates with the goings-on of Hajjinis which overall results is waves of immigration and emigration since its conquest.
Elkin conservative values are wholly regulated internally, but free trade with foreigners is segregated to take advantage of being the closest to the Step capital.
Yoklaak on the Jump
The most cosmopolitan of the Jumps and where elkin are a definite minority.

Holdout States

After the forced submission of the previous three Jumps, the elkin remaining gave no indication of nearing surrender. Seeing that the cost would be too high for too little gain, the newly united Long Step decided to leave them be.
The entity of the small city state is under constant blockaded which is enforced by Mytenii patrols.
The entity of the small city state is embargoed but is weakly enforced.
The entity of the small city state is embargoed but is bypassed via corruption.

Alternate Names:
  • Giants' Brood
  • Jumpers
Encompassed species
Related Myths
Languages spoken
Related Locations

STR (Choose the lowest roll as modifier)
Armour 2d6
HP 3d6+6 ([min+max]/2)
Speed 2d10+10 ft

Past Conflicts

Vanilla Wars
Military Conflict | Jul 20, 2020
Wight War
Military Conflict | Jan 18, 2021

Complex Relations With:

Long Step
Organization | Apr 15, 2021
— only half of Elkin Jumps are incorporated into Long Step which leaves to certain distrust among themselves
Painted Tribes
Ethnicity | Mar 3, 2024
— many of the painting traditions have been adopted onto warrior skins to the consternation of traditionalists
Ethnicity | Mar 3, 2024
  • begrudging respect for the Jumps' most willing trade partners
  • long time rivalry after prolonged guerrilla warfare during Soonous' expansion onto the Slopes
Mountain Toiks
Ethnicity | Mar 3, 2024
— agreements with the College of Birds lead to trade of ancient knowledge and innovative devices, but they are similarly resented for giving away their heritage


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