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by hughpierre

Basic Information


Folded Body

Banshees are boneless creatures with a near negligible depth to them. They are somewhat ray-shaped when stretched out, but there are such variations on the foldout form; it is thought that everyone has a unique outline.   There are no internal organs as can be noted, but lines of glowing obsidian blood can be found caked between its layers of leathery skin.

Barbed Tail

The serrated and three segmented tail bone serves as the creature's primary weapon. With it, banshees will slit the throat or stab the softness of a creature to siphon its victim's fluids through that same hollow structure to its belly.

Biological Traits


Due to the lack of vital organs, these creatures would have lesser need of air than other animals. Regardless, it is speculated that they can breathe through their skin as slight breezes can be felt when pressed against them.

Ecology and Habitats

Both the Swamp and the Falls are cool and spacey places with optimum place to to hide and ambush prey.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Feeding Habits

Needing to feed infrequently, banshees can strangle their quarry like a giant snake and are either capable of bloating themselves up like a balloon fish to swallow prey whole or draining the bodily fluids through their barbed tail for rapid energy. Should they find a place to be undisturbed where they can slowly digest a meal; could take several weeks of lethargic inaction and venerability to other predators.

Biological Cycle


Banshees seem to enter into a hibernatory period whenever it gets too cold. They can roll their remarkably flexible bodies into a variety of innocuous shapes and go unnoticed for years in any location.

Additional Information


Linking a Shadow

There are rare, but not unheard, banshees that prefer the company of specific persons and choose to wrap themselves around those they like the most. Through such cooperations, swingers gain a boost to their swings. Even attaining some form of flight when the cloak unfurls its wings and continue to cling to the wearer.   This observation is in concert with older tamed banshees following the precise command the masters wearing them.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Shadow Cloak

This refers to the resting state of a still living banshee that has wrapped itself around its owner.

Shadow Armour

Little more than a guess: Tuskin are said to have worn shadows as armour for battle.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Capable of surviving, and indeed thriving, in extreme environments; either aquatic, terrestrial or aerial.
Cold Swamp
Geographic Location | Jun 26, 2021
Given their dark appearance, banshees are not like to be seen flying against the fractal light of the frozen sky. Instead, they would stalk their prey by crawling as low as possible along ground.
Geographic Location | Sep 20, 2021
Surrounded by the dark gorge in three directions, makes it easier for banshees to fly by the drafts without notice.

Alternative Names:
Living Cloth   Average Intelligence:
They may hold as much intelligence as a dog; or otherwise have a higher ability of processing their experiences outside of their natural instincts.
200 years
Average Physique
Boneless and with skin texture that feels like wet cotton   Facial Characteristics:
Simple pseudo-eyes positioned on its narrowest 'front' are tied into its primitive circulation as they also tend to glow the same colours.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Dark with occasional grey patches and luminous wounds
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities
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