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Valley Sky

The valley sky is a testament to the existence and powers of the world's gods. The night sky, even more so. There are four cosmological constants in the sky:   As well, there are two hidden constants: Like the winds across the rills, the night sky is also banded.


Violet Sun

The fifth sun that the planet has yet had in the legends and stories of valley religions. It was made after the sacrifice of the crippled God and paints a purple hue across the sky as sign of his humbleness.
— Quetzalcoatl during a ceremony in the Sacred Precinct

Elder Moon

It is contested between cultures as to whether the cosmological entity is a moon or a star. The body emits a twinkling yellow glow from dead center of the ahcap band, seeming to all to be the reason for the parting of the stars.
— Observer of the Centzon faith
It is the most distant of the constants, and yet holds a dramatic sway over our environment. During its cyclic 50 year reign in the heavens, floods become frequent, seasons are harsher, diseases more prevalent and the earth quakes readily.  

Blood Moon

So called for its redness; it is most definitely a moon with an orbit in-between the elder and the blue. It is often taken to represent a mighty warrior by many cultures. One that bounds back to ready form with every wound. The wounds being the tiny eclipses cast by the shadow of the blue moon's eyes.
Taulli stargazer in Cuit
  Conversely, it is also called the Maiden's moon and its orbit, the Blood Cycle, coincides timely with a girl's readiness to flower.  

Broken Moon

Also called the blue moon, it is a matter of human imagination that this loose collection of satellites can be given such a designation. It is clear that it used to be a single entity, not just by their composition, but by their close proximation to one another.
— Yatei Scholar
  There are eight singular pieces called, sometimes, the Eyes. These pieces are more spherical than the rest in the belt, that move through the cluster. As the Eyes obit, they knock their lesser brothers off their own path. Sometimes sending them crashing into the other eyes or the earth.  

Black Bridge

Ahcap is a band of utter blackness that rips the starry night sky in two; with clusters of stars on either side.  
It is either thought of as a heavenly bridge, spanning a sea of stars. Or as a boundless wall separating mortals from the affairs of the gods. The public's opinion on which, shifts depending on whether or not its been a good or bad year.
Swinger guide to her charges
  Tinged popularized the dark sheet as the place where a scorned god rests and hides atop a divine treasure.  

Winter Sun

Perhaps it is given too much credit to acclaim it as a sun. Its light primarily filters though frozen clouds above the cold swamp's frozen sky, but the source of that light is heavily obscured.   It is odd that the boundaries of the sun light ends so decisively at the Step, but no one can give even the slightest reason why.
River Toik midwife to Malxix
  Many experts, however, claim it is to be expected because it is not only that the Bad Step rises; but that the Cold Swamp sinks, to well below sea level. This distinction reveals that the winter lights have farther to escape, and are absorbed by the exposed black rocks. Some lights do manage to escape and cascade over the Jumps and around mountain peaks showcasing magnificent swirls of colour.   Alternatively, Sinklings and Elkin folklorists highlight the unusual nature of many of the fauna in the swamp and the equally unlikely solid sky above them.  
Perhaps, it is the result of their traditional mindset or their tales of the Hornkin bogyman; but they attribute the Cold Swamp as a sort of nether realm to be avoided.
— Gardener Culturalist

Natural Resources

Moon Glass

Also called, Black Glass, is a type of ore that drinks in sunlight during the day and releases it at night in a menagerie of brilliant but subtle colours. It is the most common type of moon glass and highly concentrated around Ocumtit.  
Rumoured Moon Glass
Glass of an unusual position is normally attributed as the end consequence of rock rains. Hence why they appear in random place with no geographical reason.   Red Glass: Thought to have fallen from the red moon; there is confirmed to be an isolated site in the wet wilds far outside the territories of Gaioor. Red glass is believed by some to be the core of war wands.   Yellow Glass:
As the story goes, a wanderer, who would later become the immortal Corn King, witnessed a brilliant falling from the sky. A tall piece of glowing rock had planted itself in the center of the mais valley and had showered the wanderer in an initial exposure of gold salt.   It is thought to have extended his life beyond natural limits, but might have also cursed him to become a Corn Demon.
Tribesman in Highwatch
  After hearing this tale, many Ocumtitian glass forgers contend that the living throne is the result past rock rains. And given that it is yellow, from the furthest moon: the Yellow Moon.   Catar: A natural crust of white melted rock and a glassy interior that grows darker nearer the center of the Broken Road. Erosion further exposes the depths of the road which turned it into the resting monolith it is today.  
Catar is often substituted in mimicry of black glass products and predictably of less quality. Perhaps because it is not actually moon glass but often sold as one.
— Glass Forger
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