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The hanging valley on where Soonous is founded is called Mais. Within Soonous, is the corn court ruled over by the corn queen.   The names of Mais, Soonous and Corn Court are often used interchangeably by other political entries and laymen. But they mean very specific locations to the Courtmen.


The population is homogeneously Courtiers. There is, though, a strip of land home to the painted tribe who the court contracts to serve in Highwatch on its valley border and for special missions in the Floodlands.


Corn Court

A great deal of theater is attached to the daily or weekly public sightings of the queen. However, most of the real decisions are conducted informally; with herself, her mummies and her chosen inner circle of Leaves.  
Corn Queen(s)
White Queen Red Queen Yellow Queen Black Queen
Frequency Chosen
Primary Concern
Traditional Policies
  • Promote the arts
  • Forward Cintēteo abroad
  • Lavish gifts on friends
  • Finance Building Projects
  • Foster dissent in foreign powers
  • Extract tribute from opponents
  • Mandatory Military Service
  • Land Redistribution
  • Enact Protectionism
  • Concentrate on internal security
  • Restricted Borders
  • High Taxes
  • Encourage Free Trade
  • Concentrate on border security
  • Invite foreigners
  • Low Taxes
While holding court the queen sits on cinteotl, listens to petitioners, gives directives and is generally seen. In private, a select 3 preserved mummies occupy the room with her, attended by the living Leaves as they were in life. They offer advise when situations change and are the ones blamed should something go wrong. The living corn queen takes on the identity of one of the four coloured queens, that is closest to the political acumen she personally most believes while the opinions of the rest are voiced by her Leaves.


Military Sources

The judicial responsibilities of Highwatch is a secondary role harped onto them to police the rural areas of Soonous. Their first and continued role is that as a border watch, skirmishers and first respondents.
Painted Tribes
In exchange for resources, the painted tribes contribute in many services including seasonal labour, intelligence and military service.

Natural Defenses

The Rows
A tall forest of wild growing corn stalks, with few clear paths that lead in or out. It is also called the Maze for the disorienting effect and confusing sense of directions, even to those familiar with the area experience.
Being so fitted within Mais, Soonous braces right against Meiz and the Jaguar Hills; both of which gives a height advantage against invaders who have to filter through the urban center in-between them
Inside, the sunlight falls like rain,
yellow kernels and browning husks eye the weary traveller.
glittering dusts and rustling leaves chase them into the shadows.
finding relief in the comfortably dark vines.
— Melody of the Mais

Industry & Trade

Wild Meize Farming

The unorthodox height of the maize that grows in Mais makes their harvesting the most predominate sector in the Court's economy.

Gold Salt Collecting

Flakes of gold salt materialized around the Corn God's Light and drift in the enclosed air. They have to be collected and transported in half-filled rubber nets.


Golden Bridge

A colossal overland bridge that starts from the Corn Court, travels over the Mais Rows and curves around Mount Meize. The bridge serves as a direct connection between the Corn Court and the side of Salt Place; maintaining its height all the way from Soonous' hills. At the foot of the thirteen legs of the bridge are fortresses that garrison the Highwatch men.
Ket   Hidden Forts

Hidden Forts


  Built deep into the western hill of Soonous.


  Burrows an impressive distance beneath the Jaguar Hills.


  Borders Salt Place, nestled secretly below the Ket fort at the end of the Golden Bridge.


Mais Rows

Soonounites, generally, use a light touch technique with regards to tending and harvesting the 20 feet tall maize plants which, through generous trade and land grants, helps to feed a great many cities outside of the court's borders and still feed their own.

Guilds and Factions

Court Courtiers

The administrative elite who hear, advise and carry out the will of the corn queen.  

Maize Merchants

There are three cooperatives operating in Soonous that produce and facilitate the movement of goods from the Floodlands to the larger valley through Mais.  

Painted Tribes

There are a host of tribes whose homeland lies close to the Corn Court's territory. But they live on rocky shores that blunt the tides of the Floodlands and are in much need of the food Soonous grows in abundance.



As the legends say it, a great king (whose name is lost to history) was beckoned in a dream to the then barren valley. Where a blinding yellow light crashed onto the land and, rather than dissipate, remained standing tall and proud and rejuvenated the surrounding lands into the most arable in the valley. Taking on the mantle as the Corn King, he founded a small village and ruled over it for 300 years; marrying different Corn Queens as his rule continued through the centuries.  


The Seeding was a period of expansion and colonization, mostly further into the Mais' parent valley. Serveral colonies founded by courtier settlers include:

Corn Quarrels

A series of political concessions Soonous made with its many colonies over its long history. Very few came to actual blows, but the ones that did came to be called the First, Second and Third Quarrels.  

Conflicts with the Alignment

Whenever the empire felt confident, the emperor or a general would strike a piece of wood into the country's soil, symbolically attacking it and declaring war. They have formally declared war five times, along with countless border skirmishes and other intrusions.
Triple Alignment
Organization | Jan 18, 2021
In the one time Soonous was directly besieged, its attackers were repeated hampered by the residents' ardent defense from the high ground and were further restricted with the many blocked roads, dead-ends and barricades. In this case, the Sang were forced to retreat back through the rows being continuously harried by Highwatch.  

Corn Queen's Capture

Whether justly or deceitfully, the most recent corn queen was taken by sang military actors as a hostage against her daughters. More impactful, however, was the demoralizing effect it had on the common corn soldier. Such so, that the remaining leadership encountered a loss of legitimacy and many disheartened warriors deserted.


Divided City

Soonous possesses a strange layout separated into the King's and Queen's sections; with passages between the two largely unknown to most who live on either side. And as Sangsalgu replicates a similar style for Sangsalgu Proper, Soonous builds buildings on top of buildings.  
King's Quarter
In its early establishment, before Sheien was even a thought, the corn king (when he was a man) fortified his town by walling it up Soonous hill and stretching around where the Corn Light touches the ground.   Later Corn Queens raised these old walls and incorporated them into building the Sheien and in the process created a section exclusive to the elites.  
Queen's Quarter
Unwalled and composing of the majority of the Soonous map. Thanks to its high food yield, Soonous is also the most densely populated place in the valley.   The regular and easy access to gold salt, particular in white and yellow reigns, allows its liberal use to build higher and higher; creeping along the exterior of Sheien and sloping outwards like a hill further out the city limits.

Natural Resources

Gold Salt: Gold coloured salt that emanates from within the corn court.   Meize: Nutrition rich and abundant, the strain of corn grown exclusively in Mais' soil.

Alternative Name(s)
  • Corn Court
  • Soonous
  • Mais
  • Courtier City
Related Ethnicities
Inhabitant Demonym
  • Courtiers
  • Courtmen
  • Soonounites
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Included Locations
Owning Organization
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