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Moon Glass


Material Characteristics

Black Glass is a type of ore that drinks in sunlight during the day and releases it at night in a menagerie of brilliant but subtle colours.

Geology & Geography

Mais and the Garden Plot are the more common places to find black and yellow moon glass.  
  • Yellow glass is hidden away from the rest of the valley under the sheien
  • Black glass hides away in tiny shards across the garden soil

History & Usage


Rumoured Moon Glass

Glass of an unusual position is normally attributed as the end consequence of rock rains. Hence why they appear in random places with no geographical reason.  
Red Glass
Thought to have fallen from the red moon; there is confirmed to be an isolated site in the wet wilds far outside the territories of Gaioor. Red glass is believed by some to be the core of war wands.
Yellow Glass
As the story goes, a wanderer, who would later become the immortal Corn King, witnessed a brilliant falling from the sky. A tall piece of glowing rock had planted itself in the center of the mais valley and had showered the wanderer in an initial exposure of gold salt.   It is thought to have extended his life beyond natural limits, but might have also cursed him to become a Corn Demon.
Tribesman in Highwatch
  After hearing this tale, many Ocumtitian glass forgers contend that the living throne is the result past rock rains. And given that it is yellow, from the furthest moon: the Yellow Moon.  
A natural crust of white melted rock and a glassy interior that grows darker nearer the center of the Broken Road. Erosion further exposes the depths of the road which turned it into the resting monolith it is today.
Catar is often substituted in mimicry of black glass products and predictably of less quality. Perhaps because it is not actually moon glass but often sold as one.
— Glass Forger


Settlement | Jun 2, 2020


Soonous is built over a meteor crash site many eons ago.
Settlement | Jan 22, 2021


Black glass is the most common type of moon glass and highly concentrated around Ocumtit.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Item | Dec 1, 2020

A Source of Salt, A Throne, A God


If the cinteotl did fall from the sky, then speculators suggest than it may the tallest piece of glass in the world.
The Great Temple of Tonatuih
Building / Landmark | Jun 3, 2020

Moon Base

The base's rock and stone construction is covered in black glass tiles forged by the glassmakers in Ocumtit from the moon pieces of condemned buildings and the torn ground.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

Gold Salt is a partculate that precipitates from the yellow class through the air and clumps along the sheien's court's huge walls.

Enviromental Impact

As the glass only comes from meteorite ore, it can be stated that the impacts left their mark on the landscape. The remnants of which can be seen in the undulating hills and grass covered craters. in Plot.  
BLAME is partially attributed to the glass splinters scattered for leagues and the lower than average fertility in the soil.

Reusability & Recycling


Old glass pieces and fragments are frequently melted down in kilns and castle furnaces to be cannibalize into larger glass projects.


Trade & Market

Ethnicity | Aug 3, 2021


The Corn Queen and her subjects jealously horde their yellow glass.
Ethnicity | Aug 4, 2021


The sang trade network is the most prevalent means of wide spread trade for glass ornaments.

Law & Regulation

Corn Court
Organization | Aug 3, 2021

Corn Court

Though gold salt is given away freely, the glass throne itself is considered sacred and culturally crucial courtier identity.
Triple Alignment
Organization | Jan 18, 2021

Triple Alignment

Neither the Great Speaker or his Snake Woman place any great restrictions on glass' movement.
Settlement | Jun 2, 2020


The yatei of the twin hills know of a secret place in the Cold Swamp to extract red glass for exclusive use by the state.
Alternate Names
Black Glass
Multi-Colour Range
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Manufactured Products

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Myth | Aug 4, 2021
Battle Stone
Item | Dec 17, 2020

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