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War Wands

by hughpierre


Operators on Gaioor's black gate direct the war wands by resting them on turning platforms and attaching angled levers, and using mathematical calculations and pre-knowledge of the terrain to determine optimal attack vectors. Gaioor's high command represent the only state in possession of wand of this calibrate.


  1. Teams of master metal workers laboriously beat and fold forged iron slats into a hollow cylinder exactly like a grass trunk.  
  2. Next, a 'core' would need to be made and inserted inside the metal shaft. However the material(s) that make up the core are a tightly guarded secret, but their are a few clues that have led to several speculations:
    • Salt Crystals: Since Zsuz, there have been many rumors to the participation of Brine Marsh witches in Gaioor projects.  
    • Moon Glass: Some random miners and porters insists that they had to carter a red sharp glass from a crash site in the Wilds to be delivered to an army depot. Without any explanation, the reported shards were never seen or heard from again. The Kolarch even denying its existence. Contrarily, giving more credence to its role in war wands.  
    • Focus Stones: Rumors again push forward that foreign assets contribute critically to a war wand. Casual observers on Mist Shores have claimed to see Yatei boats loading mysterious cargo known to have come through their eastern mountain boundaries.
  3. Finally, the attached core would need to be sinqued to some means of heating (as we understand it).

Parent Technologies
Access & Availability
Any proficient metal worker should be able to cast the outer shell of a war wand but without the materials of its core, it is useless. And as of now, only Gaioor has proven systems to deploy.
A bigger and harder and heavier version of the normal handheld wands that are used ideally against stationary positions.
Prototypes were initially developed by expert Sinklings in the First Vanilla War to try and reach the caverns.

Cover image: Giant Cannon by Craig Richards

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