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Mist Shores


Mist shore is an intertidal area of seacoast predominated with solid rock. The rocky shores are biologically and minerally rich environments for many animals and an important nursery area for many fish and crustacean species that feed on algae beds.   During the floods, the shores are exposed to tremendous wave forces and currents. But due to its bedrock composition, mist's shores are not prone to erosion.
All the shores' large towns are made from the same beige stone. Ideal for building huge fortifications, and even more for dampening the impact of the semi-centennial floods.   As such it has been made a capital offense for anyone to remove the bedrock from the coast
— travelling scribe

Fauna & Flora

Kirin: A hooved terrestrial creature with dragon-like features. The body is fully scaled to that of a fish and often as multicolored as one. Kiri are migratory and can live in one of two herds of related females and their offspring, or bachelor herds of unrelated adult males. However, they are gregarious and may combine into larger aggregations. This tendency to stay together, coupled with their size and gentle nature, have given the Mist an advantage unequal to the rest of the valley.   Kiri, in the time they remain in the valley, are tamable and can be made to gallop and haul on command. Until the floodwaters return to open their path south again; and they overwhelmingly desire to leave the Mist's lands. Since the beginning of the Kiri' migrations, the cultures of the Mist have evolved to nearly revere these creatures as harbingers of prosperity.   Algae: Netted on water surface, or removed with shovels, both afoot and from canoes year-round. Sun-dried on prepared surfaces, then formed into thin loaves or cakes, sometimes wrapped in leaves.   Crabs: White and brown crustaceans who swarm over the land to mate and lay eggs every year.   Birds: Seabirds, shorebirds, and passerines frequently nest, roost and hunt in the surrounding habitats.

Natural Resources

Minerals: Within the rocks that make up the shores, can be found several minerals including iron ore, zinc, coal, copper and lead.   Iron: There are a higher number of open-pit mines lining both sides of the vale at the foot of the Hearts Mountain and the Zagrostone Belt.


Foggy Times

Soyeaneian Dynasty
A mythical and often misremembered golden age for the Mist Men
— culturalist
  It is likely, however, that the Soyeaneians were an offshoot of clan colonizers who rose above the local people in a homogenous union. When the Empire of the Clouds collapsed, they took control as the first mist power in the land.  

Middle Period

A era of increasingly less powerful successors to the Soyeaneians and whose citizen decedents look back upon with cultural (and some might say, isolationist) pride.   For the rocky misty shores, it was a time of intense emigration. Where the best and brightest of the cloud clans move to the rest of the valley to seek greater opportunities against an overcrowded and overburdened seaside life.



Mist's shores are the most populated part of the mist valley basin and its four primary settlements, more or less, have the same history. In that they were initially founded as outposts by Hornkin, fell under the slave's control after the rock rains and became competing trade centers inside the Floodlands.
Built into the base and cliff sides of the Zagrostone and specializing in iron mining and processing.
Built onto a rounded rock bank that gently jutted into the swell and specializing in copper mining and processing.
Built furthest away from the water in the distant shadow of Quchaa's seawall and specializing in coal and mining and processing.
Built into the base and cliff sides of Hearts Mountain and specializing in lead mining and processing.
Alternative Name(s)
  • Mist Coast
  • Mist Cliff
Coast / Shore
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Cover image: Morning Mist by Ferdinand Ladera


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