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Basic Information



A long skull whose heavy brow consists of many flat bones that form into immovable joints and merge into the horns


Four digit hands of which two are opposable


Powerful, fur-covered legs ending on a single horny toe

Ecology and Habitats

Depicted Cities

When the memorials and monuments in Eeat showcase the kean homes beyond the gates, it is always as a collection of tall buildings atop some fanciful entity. For example, one carving on the eighty-eighth level shows a city carved from the teeth and jaws of an angry-looking face; another on the 15th shows a city bored into the back of a giant dead bird draped against a mountainside. One other, at the top of a helic room, depicts another city nestled into the crib of a crescent moon and another atop a mushroom cap.   These curious add-ons are thought to be emblematic of the city's name.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Hornkin Horns

There is strength, power and supremacy in the symbolism of Kin horns. Fossilized horns mark vigorous virility and aggressive glory, but they are not always preserved in a presentable way. Tribal artists touch up raw horns with polish, heat, glue and surface dyes.  
Blow Horns
A wind instrument that can be fashioned from the leftover horns in Keanian graves. It is a device that has a variety of functions to announcing edicts, celebrating victories or signaling crowds.

Facial characteristics

Face Shape

A long alabaster-skinned face with an aquiline snout


A wide set of eyes each with horizontal pupils

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Geographic Location | Oct 1, 2021


A low-lying region compared to the living area surrounding it. But during the Kean's first migration, it would have been an altitudinous region.
Pearl Sea
Geographic Location | Oct 6, 2021

Outside the Floodgates

Eeat's reliefs direct their original home to be either beyond the horizon or under the Pearl Sea itself. The cravings that show this is uncertain.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities


Eeat's walls call to light the many magics in-which the Keanians evidently were very proficient. Wherever there is an ancient Kean performing songs, chants, spells, namings, signs or sympathy; they are depicted with long horns wrapped in luminous bindings or ribbons of various intensity. It is thought that those whose horns glow in their entirety are the undisputed masters of their art.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

From the transmuted stones embedded into Eeat's reliefs, it was noticed that when indicating individuals, specific colours, minerals and patterned shapes laid over in repeated instances kean pictures. From this analysis, researched have named the carvings like:
  • Jade Skirt
  • Pearl Cheeks
  • Bloody Toes
  • Emerald Scar
  • Black Fire
  • Foamy Shell
  • Sun Mage
  • Diamond Dress

Major Organizations


As far as can be determined, whatever governance oversaw the Kean and built eeat at its pinnacle is hypothesized to be result of colonizing efforts. Particular attention seems to have been made toward religious concerns. But this is only suspicion on account of the many depictions of the stars and Keanian ceremonies.

Beauty Ideals


Fossilized horns have been found in different shapes and sizes: straight, curved or spiral; flipped, bent or flat; short or wide. All of them had sharp ends. Having two horns was ordinary but there were some distinguished individuals with four that would grow in different orientations and styles in respective pairs.
Males are generally portrayed as having broader, longer and even heavy-looking blunt horns that crown their heads.
Females are thought to have had shorter, sharper horns protruding from the forehead, nestled along greasy hair that matched the colour of the fur on the legs.
It is uncertain if the Kean possessed specific techniques for manipulating the growth of their horns.

Average Technological Level


A branch of ancient magic dependent on natural signatures which encompasses songs, chants, spells, naming, signs and sympathy.

Geometric Paths

A branch of ancient magic related to frequencies with a focus on manufacturing permanent or semi-permanent means of transferring natural signatures. These include knots, focus stones and the writing disciplines.

Phantom Gum

A glittering soft water material that rises to the surface through fissures in the earth. It is well known for its heal properties, similar to green salt, but without the extensive medical knowledge being needed to be use competently.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Block Writing

A logosyllabic writing style introduced by Keanian culture where words are composed of a combination of one logograph and a maximum of 4 syllable blocks to compliment it.

Folded Blocks

A secretive writing discipline among the special hornkin sects that utilizes geometric principles in a three dimensional space and clay as its medium.

Common Dress Code


A knee-length non-forked skirt with folds in the back, originating from the Keanian homeland.


A sleeveless protective garment for the upper body usually worn directly over the fur and that extends to the waist.

Eye Plates

Either a religious piece for special ceremonies or a piece of training equipment meant to improve their caster's special brand of spells. It is simply a piece of metal engraved with ringed flowers or stars which is laid over the eyes during training or special events.

Culture and Cultural Heritage


Eeat is an upside down quadrilateral pyramid built upon the massive spiral shells of three long dead krakens and topped with 11 lonely helical rooms.   Pigment residue scratched off the interior wall on the eighth terrace suggests bright and vibrant decorations adorned the walls, in concert with the Keanian depictions of unknown myths.

Fur Dyes

From jars of hardened dyes and the many painted chests on the Eeat memorials suggest that the Keanians coloured their fur in elaborated patterns that mimicked the sky, the mountains and other symbols meaningful to Keans.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals


Songs are an artistic sub-discipline to the frequencies as they relate to sounds. These convey stories that are specific to genders, ages and professions.


Seals are an artistic sub-discipline to the geometric paths as they relate to writing. These convey stories that are specific to institutional agencies.


Signs are an artistic sub-discipline to the frequencies and geometric paths as they relate to movement. These convey stories that are specific to intent and instinct.

Common Taboos

Broken Horns

It is doubtful that a Keanian's horn will regrow if it ever breaks off. Given there is an apparent association between the horns and their owner's mystical abilities, a broken horn must have represented a permanent loss and likely degradation of their standard of living.

Historical Figures

Golden Face

A traitorous collaborator of the pearl people and greatest enemy to his own. His horns are depicted as growing around the hair on his head and jutting behind his skull.

Silver Horns

A great priestly ruler of the keanian kingdom of the floodlands. His horns are depicted as twisting a little off the side and then straight up.

Ruby of the Sea

A notorious thief and seductress who stalked the floodgates. Her horns are depicted as growing towards the side of her head in two coils.

Common Myths and Legends

Tonatuih's Cleanse

Much like all times before and since, the Gods have made and remade men as often as they have made and remade the sun. With the dying of the White Sun; Tlaloc, the Masked Cloud, was raised to the Black Sun to take Chalchiuhtlicue's place. And in his honor, the new men were shaped from clouds and they flourished. But as before; when a sun dies, calamity strikes the earth be it fire, wind or quakes. For the end of the White Sun Era; there was a storm so violent that it split the heads of men in two parts and winds blowing so hard, it pulled the hairs from their bodies to give them fur.


A nether realm inhabited by an invasive rival species to the Keans. Its environment is depicted as a torrent of pearly blue and jade black fiery mist on Eeat's walls.

Pearl People

Told as shiny and faceless humanoids in constant conflict with Keans in centuries past.

Lost Stars

The lost stars is told by cultist based on the wall of a helical room. It is the name attributed to a special military force that invaded the pearl people's home in Haze. The fate of the fleet is not clear from the wall depictions; as one panel shows a victorious keanian army storming a pearly stronghold within an open door but the next panel shows a blank close door. The implication is that after a victory (or maybe a defeat), the army of hornkin was somehow trapped and not a one returned. Which might explain why there was no victory parade depiction.


Hornkin divided the animal kingdom into 'real' and 'unreal'.   'Real' fauna are the creature we know as normal, but the 'unreal' are creatures made from 'imagination'. Admittedly, even the best researchers are at a lost of what this is. As best we understand, there are periodic changes in how the universe governs itself which then radically alters the 'state of being' for living things who make the shift.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Unique in all of time, Eeat's rule intersected with the existence of hornkin, humans and giants.


Cloud Clans
The most dominate tribe of people at the time to be in-contact the Keans.
Tyr / Yatei
A people mixed group of tribes furthest away from Eeat and fearful of the Keans.


The ivory giants ruled over the now "Valley of Man" and were in constant contention with the Keans of Eeat. Surviving oral traditions and portrayals on the walls tell of keanian exploits deep into tuskin territory through what we would know of Mais and Mist in long missions into the valley interior.

Alternative Names
  • Horned Ones
  • Hornkin
  • Keans
70 years
Average Height
5′ 2" + 3d6
Average Weight
100 + ( 3d6 x 1d6 ) lb
Average Physique
Both sexes are of a broad, sturdy and flat-chested build
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Shades of brown, grey or black fur
Related Organizations

STR (Choose the lowest roll as modifier)
Armour 2d6
HP 3d6+6 ([min+max]/2)
Speed 2d10+10 ft
Squirrel Plague
Condition | Oct 15, 2021
Species | Feb 18, 2024


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