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Pearl Sea

by hughpierre


There are two origins to the Pearl Sea's name:
  1. From the Pearl Banks brought to the brine shores via the sea's currents.
  2. From the white foamy waves that cascade down the bulge and stir the waters concentrically for leagues.
It is the longest stretch of ocean water that extends well pass the Brine Marshes and the Merrows in the north and similarly pass Giantsfall and continuing onto areas that are home to unfamiliar civilizations.

Fauna & Flora

Every flood cycle washes untold numbers of strange specimens from the ocean depths. Ones that fascinate marine scholars the most are:
  Kraken: A curious cross between a slug and a crab; with a tough outer shell but still able to curl into itself. Young samples of this rare crustacean are sometimes dredged from the depths of the pearl sea during tidal surges onto Floodlands for scholars to study. Adults, however, are sighted to grow to titanic size thanks to their feeding on other large predators, including other krakens smaller than themselves.   Red Weed: Originating from the Pearl Sea, red weeds are brought inland during the Brine's salt storms and the Floodland's tidal surges. They are more of a scientific curiosity since they tend to decay rapidly once they fall into a new ecosystem. No one can say what sort of environment they do come from, but their existence is often sited as speculation of a shallow expanse somewhere beyond the sea, which might indicate land beyond sight.

Natural Resources

Coral: Those sourced from the coral city, coral is seasonally harvested for its use in jewelry, medicine, construction, decoration, as a food source and other research.   Seafood: As displayed during Floodland floods and salt storms, there are many marine produce to be found in the sea, but it is harder to get to it, than it to us.



Distantly viewed from land, is one upfall out of five, called the "Bulge". The bulge is a literal mountain of water being lifted from the rest of the sea via some strange phenomenon, but not enough to totally separate them. It doesn't move, but waves of water cascade foamily from its slopes and races across the seas, spreading bubbling suds which some say resemble pearls (or toad eggs).  

Coral City

Beneath the Pearl Sea, just outside of the floodgates, is a huge coral reef system composed of thousands of individual reefs and hundreds of islands and islets stretching from the floodgates to as far south as one can see. It is the world's biggest single structure of living organisms and home to a further diversity of life that include fish, insects and birds.   The coral structures themselves formed into such large tunnels and passageways, that when the flood water retreat and much of it is exposed to the surface. It looks to be a city meant for man; and so people have called the natural reefs: the Coral City.

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Geographic Location | May 9, 2021

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