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Pochteca Courts

by hughpierre
An internal system of justice that regulates both the marketplace and all criminal activity relating to pochteca members.


Pochteca guilds at every level are staffed with 16 judges.   Pochteca market inspectors also impassively move through crowds to monitor that quality items are being sold at the dictated exchange rates and no one is being cheated.   Pochteca scribes accompany every judge and inspector to record the goings on for later reviews and investing purposes.

Public Agenda

  1. Creating Contracts
    • Pochteca recognize a number of different types of contracts created orally and witnessed by four people, including:
      • Sales Contracts
      • Lease Contracts
      • Commission Sales Contracts
      • Work Contracts
      • Loan Contracts
  2. Maintaining Fairness
    • They are responsible for maintaining fairness by correcting number or length measurements to what the inspector determines to be right and confiscating faux merchandise.
  3. Enforcing Sang Laws
    • They have jurisdiction over all commercial disputes and enforcement powers up to and including summary capital punishment.


There is usually one pochteca neighbourhood per campan where that campans' pocteca court is based and trusted to carryout and enforce city's laws and standards.

Sangsalgu Proper

Atzacualco Campan
  • Motecuzoma Pochteca Court
Cuepopan Campan
  • Palast Pochteca Court
Moyotlan Campan
  • Axayacatl Pochteca Court
Zoquiapan Campan
  • Mixiuhca Pochteca Court

Outer Sangsalgu

Chinampa Campans
Tetamozolco Campan
  • Feather Work Pochteca Court
Tetzcotzinco Campan
  • Zacahuitzco Pochteca Court
Acatitlan Campan
  • Mazatzintamalco Pochteca Court
Teopanzolco Campan
  • Ticomac Pochteca Court
Tepoztlan Campan
  • Acolco Pochteca Court
Coast Campans
Ocumtit Campan
  • Ocumtit Pochteca Court
Coltonco Campan
  • Atepehucan Pochteca Court
Huexotla Campan
  • Iztacaco Pochteca Court
Malinalco Campan
  • Mexicaltzinco Pochteca Court
Peninsula Campans
Calixtlahuaca Campan
  • Coyo Pochteca Court
Coatetelco Campan
  • Tizapan Pochteca Court
Tenayuca Campan
  • Tenula Pochteca Court


The economic power of the pochteca is strongly tied to the military power of the nobility. It cannot be denied.

Pochteca Naualoztomeca

Spies or disguised-merchants who travel with great wealth and resources to pose as potential buyers to sniff out embezzlers, poor products and generally other bad actors.

Pochteca Teyahualonime

Warrior Merchants are those who do double duty and guard those markets and the court areas themselves led by the direction of a retired merchant-general known as the Acxotecatl.


These courts are to be found in the major marketplaces of every district in Sangsalgu. Depending on the level of development in a district, to say nothing of the Strategic and Tributary provinces, the physical court can be of stone construction or a pitched tent.


Pochteca courts enforces a number of state laws and financial ethical standards. These include:

Prudent Man Statute

A legal maxim restricting the discretion allowed to non-familial accountants managing a client's finances.  

Sale of Substandard Goods

To prevent counterfeiting, the punishment for which is forfeiture of the vendor’s property and a "beating to death" in the market center.

Soft Feather

Protection laws for investors outside the principle pochteca group when sponsoring financial ventures.  


Illegal action of lending money at unreasonably high rates of interest. Of specific concern are the unscrupulous dealer who charge with compound interest, which the usury laws specifically ban.
  Law of War
The directive given only by the Great Speaker to create a pretext to attack against another state.


There are three predominant gods the pochteca guilds worship.


Sorceress of snakes, scorpions, insects and all who ambush.  


Nose Lord of commerce and travelers.  


God of roads and protector of merchants.

Political Influence & Intrigue

Pochteca Teucnenenque

Professional diplomats who carry the missives of their lord or patron to other far-flung districts, cities or neigbouring regions.  

Pochteca Tlanamacani

Settle cases of disputes and theft at a district's market corner.  
Record administrative actions for lawmakers and ensure sales are conducted at the proper exchange rates.  
Normalize industry prices and taxes to the fairness of the vendors and profit of the state and pochteca neighbourhood.

Court System
Alternative Names
  • Market Court
  • Sales Court
  • Slave Court
Parent Organization
Related Ranks & Titles
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Controlled Territories
Manufactured Items
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Side Services

Functions only loosely associated with pochteca groups.

Auction House

An alternate means of selling products in bulk with promissory notes or special contracts.  

Gambler's Den

A place for the aggregation of buyers and sellers of the profits in future endeavours and for placing bets on those efforts.  

Tlacotin Registry

Slavery was not a station one was born into, but a state entered into as a form of punishment, out of financial desperation, or as a captive. It exist in one of two forms:
  • Strict Servitude
  • Indentured Servitude
It is the responsibility of the elders and judges to:
  • track a person's indebtedness
  • oversee the ceremony of enslavement
  • monitor the slave's treatment under their master
  • determine if a slave can be classed as 'incorrigible'
  • hear cases for freedom


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