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Sangsalgu Proper

by hughpierre


Ethnic Sang conjugate around Sangsalgu proper with many taking on roles as Pochteca or warriors.   In addition, many foreign dignitaries settle in the four districts directly surrounding the Sacred Precinct.



Cuachic, Cuauhcalli, Ocēlōtcalli and Otomitl are the headquarters of the Alignment's fiercest warriors and rise dominantly above the campas Cuepopan, Zoquiapan, Atzacualco and Moyotlan.


Sangsalgu Proper is a rather open city, with just the snake wall undulating around the Sacred Precinct and well-within the surrounding four campas and twice a man’s height.


Canals that doubly act as water roads to allow people to easily travel around the large city in boats and encumber the path of invaders.

Raised Bridges

As a means of speeding along trade and being defense ready, many removable wooden bridges litter the trail of major roads, particularly, of Nozwa, Coyot, and Tesh that circle around the entire city proper.

Industry & Trade

Chinampa Farming

The most important crop grown on chinampas are maize, squash, and beans. These three crops are planted together since they keep the nutrients in the soil. It is the government's policy to store 15 months' worth of nutritional crops surplus every year in the event of a siege or to trade for other goods as they get closer to their expiration.
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Sacred Precinct

The walled center of the city encompassing a huge plaza surrounded by a dozen religious and governmental buildings. Dominating the precinct’s skyline is the as-of-yet-incomplete great temple of power. In front of it, and in the precinct center, is the round pyramid to the war god. There is also a ball court, a noble school and luxury apartments for administrative nobles arrayed around the remaining grounds.  

Atzacualco Campan

House of the Jaguar
Headquarters of the jaguar warriors is the former temple to the three-headed cat God. First among the four military societies devoted to protecting the Sang.
Tacuba Causeway
A long but crookedy walkway connecting Atzacualco on one end to Tenula on the other.

Cuepopan Campan

Headquarters of the Otomies is a temple complex with a raised range for its member to practice ranged combat.

Moyotlan Campan

Bald Building
Headquarters of the Scorn Ones whose most distinctive feature is its white plastered dome.
Tepeyac Causeway
Referred to as the Great Causeway, connecting Sacred Precinct with the ax shores of Ocumtit.

Zoquiapan Campan

House of the Eagle
Headquarters of the eagle knights is a winged building overlooking some beautiful view outside of Sangsalgu Proper.
Iztapalapa Causeway
A straight path to the Coyoacan peninsula from Zoquiapan.



Mounds of floating land anchored in place by reeds, vines or narrow woody plants. They are productive for growing crops and expanding livable areas.

Guilds and Factions


By invitation of the Great Speaker, cities send delegates to represent foreign leaderships and send state gifts.
Bad Diet
A delegation of 200 nobles from Bad Step cities with powers in commerce and legal say in the pursuit of war.
Toik Observers
A small team of the College's many experts in matters of which the government knows nothing.
Altepetl Delegates
Every other city-state wanting relations with Sangsalgu and the Triple Alignment send an ambassador(s) who are often housed in the God Prison.

Council of Four

The inner circle of elites and nobles who advise the Emperor. These men are typically the major generals of the Cuachicqueh, Cuāuhtli, Ocēlōmeh and Otōntin who base themselves in the Cuachic, Cuauhcalli, Ocēlōtcalli and Otomitl buildings.

Speaking Council

The various interest groups of loose intellectuals with unofficial political pull for particular governmental decisions and issues.


The majority of the buildings within Sangsalgu Proper are made of stone, even simple commoner homes which the inhabitants exude pride in, over the commoner homes outside of Proper made of Purple Salt.


Black Salt Islands

Sacred Precinct
A confined collection is what had made the Mixed Lake so worthwhile in the past. Sangs of the past settled nearby to mine the valuable mineral that burst from the ground, as part of their obligation to Ocumtit. When they broke away from their former masters, they started to pave over the islands and connecting them via floating platforms that, over time, turned a collection of islands and islets into a single ground.  

Marsh Swamps

Atzacualco Campan
Atzacualco District is about half-and-half in terms of land to Chinampas and was the first direction which Sangsalgu expanded its infrastructure.
Cuepopan Campan
Cuepopan sits on the least amount of actual land. Most of its surface, be it for residence or agriculture, now rest over anchored chinampas.
Moyotlan Campan
Because Moyotlan District was the closest to Ocumtit, the Sang were very hesitant to build on the islets in the area or extend their chinampas. Therefore, even now, this district has left most of the Mixed Lake's waters exposed with slow chinampas worming their way along either side of the great causeway.
Zoquiapan Campan
The land that the Zoquiapan District now rests on was once the dumping grounds of many garbage. But as the city expanded, excess water was drained and further discarded materials piled on to provide a steadier base for building on.

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