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  • Young and preferably beautiful
    • baring a strong resemblance to a deity
  • Healthy and strong
  • War captive or slave

Other Benefits


Every year, four youthful boys are chosen to be the impersonators of the previous Sun gods. During which they are taught courtly speech, singing and one instrument; with girls additionally being taught the art of sex.  


The incarnates' retinue includes their guards, their instant harem and nobles who want to follow them. Friends to an incarnate can become apart of his entourage and can get away with entering any restricted section including offices, noble apartments and temples.



An important aspect of sang tradition is the impersonation of deities. Priests, or otherwise specially selected individuals, would be dressed up in the likeness of a specific deity. Incarnates are venerated as the actual physical manifestation of the god they represent until the inevitable end.   He is chosen a year in advance after the previous incarnate is sacrificed and given a 'performer's education' including courtly speech, singing, playing a musical instrument and a god's finery.

Social Status

Incarnates enjoy an unparalleled freedom. Even given great leeway with the law.
Throughout the year they would parade in the streets and be treated with great reverence; playing the flute, smoking tobacco, smelling flowers, and people would salute them as the living image of the god. Incarnates are not so subject to the laws and that is the envy of even the nobility.   Up until year's end, incarnates have free reign. 



They are dressed in:
  • Precious jewelry
  • Cotton embroidered clothes
  • Snail-shell lip pendant
  • Eagle down headdress
  • Turquoise bracelets
  • Golden bells around the ankles
  • Materials

    Striped Paints

    They would be painted yellow over several ribbons across their bodies; including across the eyes.
    They would be painted white/green over several ribbons across their bodies; including across the eyes.
    They would be painted black/blue over several ribbons across their bodies; including across the eyes.
    They would be painted red over several ribbons across their bodies; including across the eyes.

    Provided Services


    Visually, incarnates are overwhelmed by quantities of foods.
    • They wear food as part of their costumes while attending court.
    • They are carried in litters brimming with different types of food while they make music for the masses.
    • They live in chambers that are also decorated with food while attending important guests.


    As incarnates are believed to be the actual god reborn into a mortal form, many clamor for the chance to have sex with them.   Some nobles will pay the specific priest or temple for the privilege. Whether man or woman, married or not. Bastards born from an incarnate, being children of a deity, are a point of bragging. At least for those who can afford another mouth.

    Dangers & Hazards

    Scheduled Death

    On their last day, they would dine with the leader of the city, parade to the four directional edges of the city, ending near a temple where he is then stripped of all his godly decorations. Their 'spouses' and entourage are excused and is finally led to the temple to be killed.   The heart is removed with an obsidian dagger, then the body beheaded and the skull placed on the skull rack. The skin is flayed and worn by the incarnate for next year and the flesh distributed among the nobles to be eaten.

    Alternative Names
  • God Impersonator
  • Ixiptla
  • Type
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