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  1. Homeschooling
  2. Training in the Commoner's School

Career Progression

  1. Apprenticeship
  2. Mastership

Payment & Reimbursement

A feather worker's weaving of feather armor is partially subsidized by the state, as part of a military initiative to ensure a properly prepared fighting force.   All other commissions are paid wholly and pricily by the customers.

Other Benefits

  • Does not pay tribute or taxes
  • Not required to perform public service



  • Make colorful tilmas for the emperor and nobles
  • Produced ceremonial costumes for the highest warrior castes
  • Creating intricately decorated shields and headdresses
  • Weave family and personal feather banners for wealthy non-noble individuals

Social Status

The amanteca are a privileged class of craftsmen who mostly live and work in open-air neighbourhoods on either side of the main causeway to Colhuacan. These areas are collectively known as the Feather Works.



Feathers from local and faraway sources are obtained from wild birds, as well as from domesticated turkeys and ducks, with the finest quetzal feathers coming from the Corn Court, the Floodlands and beyond through trade and tribute.



A specialty ward within Sangsalgu Proper where gold, silver precious stones and feathers are worked and processed. Amanteca group together and craft their specialties as featherworkers towards these respective calpulli or calpultin. There, they
  • maintain their space by sweeping streets, dredging canals and cleaning the temple
  • possess their own local temple and associated set of rituals and a commoner/warrior school of youth
  • meet certain obligations to the city, constitute a centre for local tax collection and provide the basis for a single army unit of locally trained warriors
  • are ruled by a council of elders, usually with an elected head who arbitrates disputes, offer hospitality and keep maps showing each family’s landholdings
  • Submit to a single local tecuhtli (lord), in charge of providing and administering the distribution of land to the neighbourhood.

Provided Services

Lower tier Feather workers are primarily commissioned for making commoner costumes, ceremonial shields, and tapestries which primarily depicted mosaics of religious events.

Dangers & Hazards

One threat to the profitability of Feather workers is that much (not all) of their work can be adequately handled by simple commoner women who are taught to weave as girls in their schools in preparation for domestic life. Though they produce a lesser quality, the strength of the armor lies in the feather. The worker weaves no spell, so the average woman is perfectly capable gathering the collected dragon feathers of a male relative and craft a custom fitted costume.

Alternative Names
  • Feather Worker
  • Weaver
High Demand
Other Associated professions
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The name coyotlinaual, the God of costumes craft, means “he who is disguised as a wolf". Craftsmen would worship and prey to him whenever an artist is to make exquisite feather mosaics for a royal patron.


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