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Otoerm Coil

by hughpierre


There is no fixed place of power for the Otoerm Coil. The effective capital city is rotated among the major settlements that make up the coil. However, circumstance have arose many times in the past where a single place held power for longer than normal. Whether officially or unofficially.
Letchworth Welwyn Huexotzingo Cholula Moor
Times as the Capital
Predominant Contribution Intelligence Gathering Water Management Martial Tradition Food Security Territorial Buffer
City Sigils
Eye Dragon.png
garden snake.png

Public Agenda

The 'Coil' in the Otoerm Coil is in reference to the defensive posture a snake takes when threatened. It is a culturally specific term which denotes a defensive alliance that ties military and trade subsistence together as necessity dictates. For many years, they have sought to resist the sang and Sangsalgu and would continue to do so, with the ultimate goal to cast them down.


The most important facilities of the coil are the ancient construction projects during the alliance age that further healthy living and defend the state.

Table Channels and Wells

The channels are man-made underground waterways, cut into the bedrock, that carry water filtered through limestone from sources atop the Step to gardener cities and serviced through deep dug wells.

Man-Made Rolling Hills

Piles of dirt, seeds, pieces of pottery and general wastes from long ago have morphed some parts of the plains of dragonsgrave to grow long, round-top embankments 30 feet high and trenches in-between, 25 feet deep.


There have been many military alliances seen throughout the grave's history. Otoerm Coil has had many spiritual predecessors; too many to count. But those have always been comparatively small and limited; and had been formed to contend with other garden cities.  

Cocao War

The Eben alliance was a collapsing coalition that was re-energized in responding to a common treat in the form of the Sang. It was the last hurrah of the preeminent border state that successfully fended them off. The victory inspired other alliances and city states to coalesce and decisively drive them out.   Poised to defeat them once and for all after a particularly fatal sang misstep, torrential rains began to fall that carried the Matlazahuatl which devastated the populations in dragonsgrave and forced the combined armies to disband. After this, Eben effectively ceased to exist.   The Sang's successful resurgence after the plague ran its course led to them overextending themselves which resulted in their total defeat. Due in large part to the timely intervention of the Mountain and River Toiks that discredited the Sang as a further treat; and led to the formation of new Coils and further intervention of outsides forces.  

First Flower War

Undoubtedly, the worst times the Garden has had with Sang has been after periods of plague. After one particularly bad drought, came Cocoliztli and a desperate people. Sangsalgu's emperor Haldon and other city leaders sought to appease the gods in a wide spanning tournament: the first Flower War.   Human sacrifice was an old custom to valley folk- primarily used during times of strife. But sang priests wanted to assure the favour of the gods, so petitioned to continue the tournament year after year. And the Coil has been their garden ever since. The Coil system was revived to counteract the repeated wars and on a larger scale any other that came before it. Five preeminent gardener kings at the time had declared their territory the "Otoerm" Coil after the famous law writer and philosopher of their collective past.

Demography and Population

The population is spread across major and minor settlements. Most large communities encircled by dragon walls or stone walls that consists between 12000-32000 people; are orbited by smaller ones of 100-500 people.  

Major and Satellite Settlements















Minor Independent Settlements



The territory of the Garden Plot is a collection of small to medium sized cities in north and middle parts of Dragonsgrave. It is completely surrounded by its arch enemy: the Triple Alignment and has been under total alignment blockade for the past two generations.


City Guards

These are the cities' garrison permanently stationed inside the Dragon Walls of those who can maintain one. Guardsmen who originate from the minor settlements are allowed to bring their immediate families into the major ones with them. There is fierce competition between individuals to prove their worth and secure a future for their families via the feats during Flower Wars.  

Shadow Guard

Named by their enemies for their exploits. The shadow guard are a covert group, unrecognized by any coil city, specialized in espionage and sabotage. There is little else known of them, cept that they likely have operatives in many corners outside of Otoerm Coil territory.


The cult of the dueling snakes originates from the prior civilizations, now fallen, who populated the valley. It mentions the duel entities of Massy and Set, the contesting entities of the cosmos:  


One; bone white with piercing red eyes and bathing in light so bright, it is rarely even possible to be seen.


The other, pitch black; and forever hooded in shadows. It is said to be found wherever one finds the orbs glowing softly in the night. These are the gods' eyes.
  All of the Garden Cities incorporate the black and white dueling snakes in some way into their city sigil. For the religious temples, the mark of two snakes consuming each other is carved into places of prominence.

Foreign Relations

Triple Alignment

The Coil is a defensive alliance that formed to counteract Sang expansionism and are opposed to nearly everything Sangsalgu does.
Step Folk
Step folk unaffiliated with their government discreetly trade or smuggle goods that are desperately needed for special arrangements and profits. They are especially valued due to the blockade that totally encircles the territory.
It is thought that college is a source of some materials that have entered the coil. Though they have historically fought together against the Sang, the relationship soured after they joined the Sang alliance network.

Agriculture & Industry


It is all but confirmed that mass farms and distilleries are privately and publicly run deep inside Otoerm as part of a mix terror/force multiplier strategy against their foes.

Dammed Rivers

Most of the rivers that flow towards Sangsalgu Proper flow through Otoerm Coil which has given them considerable bargaining power in the past when they divert the water else-wheres.   More insidiously, the river water have been contaminated in the past to poison alignment citizens.


The cities and lands in the Coil are not the most fertile in dragonsgrave; inpart because of the split dragon blood. Land workers are even further stymied, however, since every seasonal flower war disrupts harvests. To compensate for the inevitable loses, a farmer collective cooperates to compensate those most affected in raids in the form of alternative food stuff.   Cholula, in particular, possesses the most arable land; so is charged with managing these assurances and distributing food to the areas most troubled.

Trade & Transport

There are several established interconnected foot paths between the cities and settlements of the Garden. But usable pathways leading outwards and through the imposed blockade are secret; and are jealously guarded by the few and the powerful, as a means of smuggling goods in and out.
The hundreds of wells that control the Coil's extensive irrigation system also lead through several underground waterways, some of which branch outside Otoerm's territory towards abandoned wells.
Many clandestine units, sponsored by several garden cities inside and private enterprises outside use clever disguises, ruses and secret agents to bypass the alignment's blockade.
Blood Suspicions

Mountain Blood

It has been long thought that tunnels from the olden times of giants worm their way underneath the ground leading towards valley floor and that secret organizations use.
College Suspicions


Given the continued resource findings within the Garden Plot at random points in Alignment/Coil relations. It is already widely held that individual private parties violate blockade policies; most prevalent from Long Step. However, given the insular nature of Toikorien, it is unlikely certain items would have found their way without state sponsorship.


Dragon Walls

Dragon walls are the preserved bodies of the fallen dragon corpses with their feathers still in place and organs removed. Their serpentine bodies are painstakingly positioned to wrap around the perimeter of the old city limits oftentimes requiring 3 or 4 dragons at the least to be considered complete.   In spite of the feather walls' pristine form, they are actually older than most of the cities. The dragons having been gutted and maintained by an ancient preservative by an ancient people. The exact details of how to properly construct a wall from a dragon is long lost but pre-alliance conquerors used to steal away the dragon of vanquished states to incorporate into their own. A practice that is now impractical, but old and minor cities still gripe about the lost dragons of their homes still serving the major settlements.  

Lolth's Web

Named after the spider goddess of judgement, the web consists of the various river waters that flow from the snowy Step that can be redirected via dikes and dams into areas such that the landscape can be unrecognizable to enemy maps. The web can introduce obstacles and traps to hostile forces that entered the territory. The problem is that it is a complicated system dependent on timing, predictive reasoning, field coordination and luck to work as intended.
But when done succinctly, armies have been blocked, rerouted, trapped and drowned thanks to Lolth in her judgement.

Political, Confederation
Alternative Names
  • Garden Plot
  • Plot
  • Coil
Predecessor Organization
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Power Structure
Transnational government
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Major Exports
Jax, Dragon Feathers, Unskilled Labour
Major Imports
Silver Silk, Fungal Fabrics, Snow, Cacao beans, Bird Feathers
Legislative Body
Judicial Body
  • Judicatory
  • Arbitrary
Official State Religion
Subsidiary Organizations
Related Professions
Controlled Territories
Manufactured Items
Related Ethnicities
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Quotes about Coils

No war has been won fighting defensively
If these coils have been so useful, why were they destroyed so spectacularly?
Because it had needed to be spectacular to destroy them.
  If I had said pathetic, what would you have said?
If a coil was lost to something pathetic, it was not a coil.

Historical Conflicts

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Women's War
Military Conflict | Dec 17, 2020
Flower Wars
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