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Colhuacan Peninsula

by hughpierre


A hilly peninsula, contrasting sharply with grassy Coyoacan across the Mere, that is known as the last place of refuge on the warm side of the Bad Step for the Plain Toiks during the Shadow Binds. Though they would not survive as a people, toik blood managed to continue on by intermixing with former exiles from its sister peninsular.   The hill ridge that sits a fifth of the peninsula and snuggles against the shores bordering Mixed Lake on its south and Lake Lightning at its tip. The hill chain altogether is often compared to an ocean's wave due to the twisters blowing from the breezeway and depositing piles of sand at the chain eastern foot which gives it a smooth appearance. The western side is lumpy in comparison and convexes against the homes on its slopes.

Fauna & Flora

Bears: Subsisting on fish, berries, ground squirrels, and cobos; the common bears can be found wherever people are not. They hibernate half the year in dens in the high and low places.   Wolves: Elusive grey creatures that prowl in packs and known for hunting people.   Wolverines: A rare sight given the amount of over-hunting perpetrated in the past.   Foxes: Two species of omnivorous foxes of similar shape with thick, reddish-yellow fur bushy, white-tip tails or gray-brown fur with a black stripe along the spine.   Lake Otters: A recovering population of otters, due the barrage of lightning during the battle, is put under a conservation directive.   Beavers: Considered a nuisance in the daily life of residences, they are nonetheless vital in reconstructing the ecosystem of the Meadow Mere   Birds: Eagles, owls, falcons, ravens, ducks, geese, swans, seabirds, shorebirds, and passerines frequently nest, roost and hunt in the surround habitats.

Natural Resources

Minerals: There are several small pockets of valuable ores within the rocks surrounding the Great Lakes area,from which iron ore, zinc, silver, coal, copper and lead are mined.


Calixtlahuaca Campa

The peninsula is home to only two calpōlli: Coyo and Atoyac.   Together, they form the Calixtlahuaca Campa which is administered from Coyo due to its more fertile soil. And as a result, the great majority of the inhabitants live on the lakeward facing side for easy access to the lakes. Atoyac is a region of inhabited caves within the chain of wave-like hills to avoid the dust devils and as defense against Wargs. Population growth is restricted to this landscape feature for fear of bandits and raiders across the desert.

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Cover image: Loch Orh of the Volstoc Highlands by Nick Golder


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