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Great Lakes

by hughpierre


The Great Lakes are a series of five interconnected freshwater and saltwater lakes nestled primarily in the very center region of the Valley of Man.   The Great Lakes, in addition to their lake ecology, are surrounded by various forest ecoregions except in a prairie-like conditions of Claw Marks in the northeast of Lake Lightning. Logging, agriculture, and urbanization have changed the ecosystem to the most extent in nowhere else than that of the area encompassing Mixed Lake and the shores bordering Dragonsgrave.

Fauna & Flora

Native mammals: Those living around the shores include black bears, foxes, elks, deers, moose, beavers, river otters, coyotes, wolfs, big cats, and many others.   Bird species: Those native to the Great Lakes include herring gulls, whooping cranes, owls, wood ducks, great blue herons, bald eagles, piping plovers and others.   Lake whitefish: A species of freshwater fish that similar to salmon. Whitefish are found in all of the Great Lakes and are a valuable commercial species. They feed on bottom-dwelling invertebrates such as snails, clams, and the aquatic larvae of insects.   Walleye: A large freshwater fish native to the Great Lakes and most abundant in the northern most lakes. Walleye are much recognized as icons of the places they inhabit as they are the first fish to reenter the mere after it was struck by the College. They are the official fish of Colhuacan.   Snapping turtle: A widespread turtle that inhabits freshwater wetlands south of the Shadow Realms, including the peninsulas Coyoacan and Colhuacan. Snapping turtles have a reputation for being quite aggressive.   Croakers: The croaker is a large frog that occurs in wetlands in the Great Lakes region. They are predators that feed on small mammals, reptiles, and invertebrates.   Yellow perch: The yellow perch is a species of perch whose range includes the Great Lakes and the tlaloc rivers. Adult yellow perch feed on aquatic insect larvae, crustaceans, mysid shrimp, fish eggs, and small fish.

Natural Resources

Minerals: Within the rocks surrounding the Great Lakes area, several minerals can be found including iron ore, zinc, silver, coal, copper and lead.   Rich Soil: In the lower lying lands, there is some of the best farm land outside of the Sang chinampa system.


Salt States

The lakes' basin consists of the five lakes and the surrounding states of Krix Salt State‌, Joi Salt State, Kuit Salt State and whatever warlord installs himself for a season along Mist‌.  


The Sangsalgu‌ districts of Tenayuca, Tetzcotzinco, Calixtlahuaca, Tepoztlan, Tetamozolco, @ocum, Malinalco, Acatitlan, and Coatetelco, as well as the other island campans of Coltonco, Teopanzolco, Huexotla and Sangsalgu Proper‌ in the Triple Alignment‌.  

Shadow Pass

And in addition to the many independent slices of the Shadow Realm; whose rainfalls, runoffs and watersheds feed life-giving water into the lakes; also created the "Dead Zone". This is the Taulli practice of scouring the land to discourage settlement, but through which the Shadow Pass passes: a lucrative trade route for daring pochteca.

Inhabiting Species
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