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Kiri Domain


It is a deepest of the two deep water lakes and the most southern of the great lakes. While its surface warms and cools with the air, its depth stays cold because of the memory water settled at the very bottom and dark because light cannot reach the bottom.   The domain connects to Mirror Breath to its west and to Mixed Lake to its north-east. There is no dividing dike between Coco and Kiri Domain. At most, there is the Sang built 'Traders Plank' which a segmented floating bridge that separates at the center and coils towards land like a snake. There are a few large islands that separate the two southern lakes and is further land bordered by the Tenula Peninsula north and the cliffs of Salt Place in the east.   The lake is also the final migratory destination for the Kiri who travel all the way from the depths of Giantsfall and across the Floodlands and Mist to on the kiri domain's surface. Perhaps the most contested lake body of the five great lakes. The sang and Mist Men go back and forth on controlling the lake which coincides with Kiri comings and goings.

Fauna & Flora

Kiri: A hooved terrestrial creature with dragon-like features. The body is fully scaled to that of a fish and often as multicolored as one. Kiri are migratory and can live in one of two herds of related females and their offspring, or bachelor herds of unrelated adult males. However, they are gregarious and may combine into larger aggregations.

Natural Resources

Memory Water: Allotropic water with the magical property to retain a memory of substances previously dissolved into it.   Fish Eggs: Netted in shallow water, either afoot or in canoes year-round to be cooked in metal or clay vessels.
Alternative Name(s)
The Domain
Location under
Contested By
Triple Alignment
Organization | Jan 18, 2021

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