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Tenula Peninsula

by hughpierre


A short and rocky strip of land that juts out into Mixed Lake and serves as the boundary marker between Lake Coco and Kiri Domain. Geographically, Tenula is apart of Salt Side, but politically and historically as been more aligned with the warlords of Salt Mist.

Fauna & Flora

Shadowcats: Large felines with dark, thick, stripped fur. Shadowcats have sharp curved front teeth, lashing tails and sharp, permanently detracted claws. They are the smallest of the great cats but also the most furious: being more willing to attack man.   Their natural habitat are areas like the Range, but a captive pair escaped to reproduce and start a small isolated population.   Weasels: Small, active predators, with long, slender bodies and short legs.   Coyotes: A canine smaller than wolfs who rarely attacks humans.   Gray foxes: Smaller canines with unusually large ears, white-tip tails and black stripes along the back.   Pumas: Originally imported from areas beyond Sang maps, these large cats also escaped their enclosures to reproduce in the environment.   Rock Rabbit: A medium-sized mammal inhabiting rock crevices to escape predators.

Natural Resources

Gold: The gold mine bisects the peninsula, with the Alignment controlled tip in the east and Mist controlled end in the east.


Tenayuca Campa

The peninsula is home to just one calpōlli: Tenula.   Ownership is contested by the Sacred Precinct as it seen as vital to reestablishing southern influence into Mist. However, native mist born men seasonally make attempts to reconquer the peninsular in time with the 50 year migratory patterns of Kiri herds. During which time, they bother and force submission onto the poor colonists sent by Sangsalgu to establish repeated footholds.

Border Territories

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Included Locations
Owning Organization
Triple Alignment
Organization | Jan 18, 2021

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Cover image: by Einar Martinsen


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