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Bombarda Matrix


The ultimate purpose of the matrix is to induce lightning strikes from the sky.

Side/Secondary Effects

The hallmark of a bombarda strike are the alternative colours they take compared to the pale blue of normal lightning.


Successfully implementing a matrix is a collaborative effort.
  1. It requires a synchronizer and their aids to sneakily carry a ball of pulsing light across the land they mean to attack
    • all while the taste of ozone permeates the air surrounding them
  2. Once each team arrives at their release point, they allows the salt orb to rise towards the sky like a beacon
  3. And only when all the orbs are in place would yellow or red streaks of lightning strike the ground
Given the many tells from the tinge tactic, it is miraculous that the covens were able to implement it during the Sweep of Salt Side.
— a criticism which gives credence to the popular support given to the invaders.


Salt Orbs

It may take more than two hands, but stable and self-sustaining salt orbs are crucial. Many previous attempts have ended in disaster because the orb fell apart while the matrix was activated.   It is very similar in appearance to the starting form of salt fire, with even the same potential for collapsing prematurely. What even some witches have a difficult time grasping is the synchronised nature between the orbs that make up the eventual matrix.


Teotl Volley

Tinge witches were the first to coax yellow sparks from orbs made of bark salt. It is more common for the green tinged witches to shoot sparks as an personal offensive option; where tiny heavy obs danced between the user's fingers and palm.    
It is from this miniature scale matrix from which the larger city-scale versions were inspired. Though it is unsure if the volleys are exactly like the lightning in the sky or if they are the direct teotl impact.
— Iztanamacaque on the nature of tinge magic

Lightning Barrage

Not too long after, the mountain toiks created a version of their own. Possibly through stolen tinge secrets, they made their orbs with a black-white-red blend. It also seems that they improved upon the matrix with not needing to pre-prepare the targeted area as the tinge showed during the Sweep.
College of Birds
Organization | Jun 1, 2020
Related Organizations
Material Components
Optimum Teotl channeling salts
Gestures & Ritual
  • Divide at least three teams of salt practitioners to enclose the affected area
    • Impacting a larger field requires more teams
    • At least one person is needed as a synchronizer in every team to sustain their orb's connection with the overall matrix
  • At a count, the orb's power is release
Related Discipline
Related School
Salt School
Related Element
Effect Duration
Effect Casting Time
Potentially unlimited
Applied Restriction
The inherent complexity leaves plenty of room for chaotic errors leading to mistargeting and misfiring

Instances Used

Wight War
Military Conflict | Jan 18, 2021

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Cover image: Lightning Banner by Christopher Guerra


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