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Salt Fire


The end effect is the spontaneous explosion of an enemy target.

Side/Secondary Effects

Unless done properly, there is a chance of seriously burning oneself or blasting their own arm off. Particularly if the spirit that rests between the salt fire orb and the hand is insufficient, when the caster throws it. Otherwise, it would potentially backfire.   Or the spell could falter in a less explosive way. The salt orb might cool, due to improper technique, and the melted salt would coalesce into a molten ball, which may still hurt if thrown.


The spell initially manifests as an orb that glows yellow, red, blue or (ideally) white depending on the proficiency or intensity at the center of the spell. Additionally, there is a rise in temperature surrounding the user and an ionizing smell that can dizzy those unaccustomed to it.


The source of salt fire's power is quite basic. It is the frictional energies generated between the salt particles vibrating rapidly and persistently against each other to the point of combustion.


Sangsalgu first encountered salt fire under the assault of the Tinged during the Wight War. They later learned how to do it themselves from those they captured in its aftermath. However, there are distinct differences when compared to the original technique from a brine witch; exemplifying greater range (up to 900 feet) and impact potential than the Sang equivalent.   The discrepancy is likely due to the fact Sang developers only had the child captives to explain the inner workings as best they understood it.
Related Organizations
Material Components
Technically, any salt type can be used for the salt fire technique.
Gestures & Ritual
Focus on a central point in the caster's open palm and spiritually attracting as much salt particles to that point for as long as they can. The resulting fiction generates considerable heat which is thrown/lobbed/flicked in the direction of the target.
Related Discipline
Related School
Salt School
Related Element
Palm's full worth of Salt
Effect Duration
Effect Casting Time
User dependent; usually 2 to 4 shots every minute
Variable (150–300 feet)

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