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Teal Shallows

by hughpierre


The most northern lake, bordering the shadows and the Coyoacan Peninsula to the north and south. It has healthy clear water and dense floating plant growth which stifles algae growth and keeps the sediments stable at the bottom of the lake so as to not mix into the water column.   It has an elliptical basin that stretches across half that part of the Northern Range called the Shadow Realm; and totally bordered the south of the Shadow Pass where traders cross from Dragonsgrave to Salt Side and vis versa.   The lakes's teal coloured waters are crisscrossed with dark lines of nets tethered that cast white shadows along its length. These are setup by the Coyoacan people, both for catching fish and to make traversing the surface easier for children to forage the plants and fish trapped in the nets.

Fauna & Flora

Migrating Waterfowl: Many species of ducks that cycle yearly through the area during different temperature periods.   Muskrats: Unique, semi-aquatic rodents mostly for their destructive burrowing in ponds, streams and dams.   Otters: Carnivorous mammals of a semiaquatic, aquatic or marine nature with diets based on fish and invertebrates.   Fish: Perch, sunfish, crappies and other lake dwellers netted in artificial pools that are emptied of water by hand.   Insects: Dragonflies, diving beetles, caddisflies and the rest number 12 times greater than any other animal.   Frogs: A diverse and largely carnivorous group of short-bodied, tailless amphibians.   Turtles: Reptiles characterized by a special bony or cartilaginous shell developed from their ribs. These are much smaller than their mace turtles cousins in Lake Coco.

Natural Resources

Reeds: Individually cut with obsidian knives or sickles and dried on the lakeshore for mats, boats, or food.

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