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Lake Lightning

by hughpierre


Formerly called the Meadow Mere for the thick greenery and abundant life that lived within it. It was renamed after the College bombarded it with lightning and killed most species save for the unappetizing eels in the groves.   It is a subcircular basin that geographically connects to Lake Coco on its southern end and the Teal Shallows on its western end. Much like how the Dike of Cranotuilloil separates Mixed from the rest of Coco, a Stone Dike is the defining line that divides Mixed and Lightning.

Fauna & Flora

Eel: A ray-finned fish with a snake-like body that is covered with a mucus layer. It is the only water-bound creature to have survived the lightning bombardment during the battle for Sangsalgu that killed every other fish and water-nesting birds that collapsed the ecosystem.   Eelkin: Either purposefully or accidentally, traders deposited guppy Finkin from the Remnants into the Mere and then adapted into a smaller, more land tolerant, sub-species.   Aquatic plants: Floating plants, submerged plants and emerged plants choke the lake floor which makes for promising sources of food and anticancer and antioxidative products. The plants also filter out the salt between the mixed lake and teal shallows.

Natural Resources

Algae: Netted on water surface, or removed from there with shovels, both afoot and from canoes year-round. Sun-dried on prepared surfaces on the lakeshore, then formed into thin loaves or cakes, sometimes wrapped in leaves.

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