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Sinking Remnants

by hughpierre


The Sinking Remnants are a chain of islands that break across the Storming Sea in a haphazard inline and disappear into the horizon.
  Geographically, the Merrows constitute an underwater cliff that more likely flooded as the result of an ancient earthquake. This hypothesis logically concludes that the Remnants used to make up part of a land bridge that connected the continents in times past.
Ranger geographer

Fauna & Flora

Finkin: A sexually monomorphic kin species that use the merrows as a breeding ground for the guppy stage. Adolescent kin, by contrast, can be frequently seen lounging on the rocks.   Birds, fish, crabs and other marine life: constitutes the diet that sustains Bai Sai's residents.

Natural Resources

Coral: Coral is seasonally harvested by Bai Sai for its use in jewelry, medicine, construction, decoration, and as a food source.   Seafood: As in Floodland floods and salt storms, there are many marine produce to be found in the sea. It is comparatively easier to access these resources from the temporary stations built on atolls and sand bars.   Drift Wood: Wood that likely originated from the Range's northern coast from coconut trees . They has been washed onto the shallow shores of the merrows straits.


Temporary Stations

Since times of the warg exodus to the current fisher depots and way stations; many different and desperate peoples have built ramshackle huts on isolated islets. They are typically simple structures built of driftwood, with coral for decoration (if their inhabitants would bother).   While they are structurally stable, they are not meant to last as it is expected that, within half a year, hurricane surges would wash over the land and destroy anything on them.
Ark End
A large open pavilion on the shallow end of the Merrows and within respectable sight of Bai Sai.
Phantom Base
The most westerly of Bai Sai's fisher depots.   It is an atoll surrounded by deep waters and is both a communal resting place for fisher folk and a store house for their catch.
Maid's Mess
The furthest station to be built by the Divas of Bai Sai.   But, whether justly or not, it has a questionable reputation of unregulated prostitution and human trafficking.
  There other posts, bases and depots constructed by unknown persons. Speculations range from familiar valley individuals running away political disputes to the ancestral venturist remaining on the opposite continent.

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  • Sinking Remnant
  • Remnants
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Geographic Location | May 9, 2021

Cover image: Shallow Waters by Dimitrius Tott


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