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by hughpierre



There have been many iterations of Sang-controlled Tenula. Typically, speaker would send low-born generals to annex and then govern the territory in the name of the Sacred Precinct, and become ennobled if successful.

Mist Men

Occasional exiles and refugees from the chaotic clans and tribes of Mist have sought asilium from the sang during all the times they settled on the tip of the peninsula.


Kiri Island

A small rocky island that appears and disappears with the rise and fall of the elder moon. It is normally devoid of people but serves as a defacto line of defense when kiri riders run across the waters.

Gold Mine

Unmapped along the north Kiri Island shores and the southern Tenula banks, the blood gold pepper the area and makes traversing it incredibly risky.

Industry & Trade


Many high class prostitutes, camp followers and entertainers are trained in the private manses of the Tenula elite.
Xochiquetzal, the goddess of flowers, beauty, love, art and sex for pleasure is the favoured patron for the district, as you will soon see.
Pochteca general to Cuat'tallel before the Joi Campaign
Ahuianime resemble their patron goddess. They wear their hair down without combing it, paint their faces with a yellowish ink, adorn their bodies with lots of jewelry, and perfume themselves with fragrant herbs and flowers. Some even rise to the point where they serve a role as priestesses in rituals involving human sacrifice.


Memory Water

Allotropic water with the magical property to retain the memory of substances previously dissolved into it. Like with green salt in the deathpool, memorty water lies at the bottom of the Kiri Domain and Mirror Breath.


Ownership has aways been contested by the Sacred Precinct as it seen as vital to reestablishing southern influence into Mist. However, native mist born men seasonally make attempts to reconquer the peninsular in time with the 50 year migratory patterns of Kiri herds. During which time, they bother and force submission onto the poor colonists sent by Sangsalgu to establish repeated footholds.  

Auluvell Dynasty

An old extended family who coalesced their possessions and holdings to encompass half the valley floor through many years of marriages, conflicts and interpersonal trade.  

Neksayoli Dynasty

A branch of the auluvell who were able to salvage half of their territory when the old dynasty fizzled out.

Tenayuca Dynasty

Banisz was the only child of a rich and noble family of the Mist. Who knocked back several rival claimants to territorial supremacy, invaded the Triple Alignment, kicked out the Tinged from Mist, beat back the Sang's counter invasion and was captured, by the then Black Ghost.  

Tenayuca Campa

The peninsula is home to just one calpōlli: Tenula.   During all the attempts Sangsalgu Proper made for occupying the Tenula Peninsula, they aimed to export their conservative culture with them. However, in their latest attempt, it had occurred to several high ranking generals that a more ruthless mindset was need from future governor generals.   This change in philosophy was alot more successful in holding ground but also encourage a decadent and debauched lifestyle from Tenula's appointed leaders. But to avoid losing the settlement again, the various councils decided to turn a blind eye to such things.


Tenula Peninsula
Geographic Location | Jul 22, 2021
A short and rocky strip of land that juts out into Mixed Lake and serves as the boundary marker between Lake Coco and Kiri Domain. Geographically, Tenula is apart of Salt Side, but politically and historically as been more aligned with the warlords of Salt Mist.

Natural Resources

Gold: The gold mine bisects the peninsula, with the Alignment controlled tip in the east and Mist controlled end in the east.

Alternative Name(s)
Tenayuca Campa
Location under
Owning Organization
Triple Alignment
Organization | Jan 18, 2021
Under the Floating Manse
Plot | Oct 11, 2021
Wight War
Military Conflict | Jan 18, 2021

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Cover image: Greyscale - City Landscape (Night) by Pascal Andersson


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