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by hughpierre


Located in the heart of the Shadow Plain, the Deathpool is a toxic lake with a shiny black appearance and a green hue due to its salt bottom. Settlements along the lake shores is strongly discouraged due to the ghostly vapors that periodically waft onto land and kill everything.    The lake shore itself is rich from the decay of the clouds' victims and is a default demarcation line for the Taulli's 'Dead Zone' between Taulli and Warg tertitories. As a result, the Deathpool's shores are mostly deserted.

Natural Resources

Green Salt: Harvesting green salt requires scrapping the deathpool's lake bed. A dangerous proposition but worthwhile for some since this salt exhibit remarkable healing properties.   Death Water: The bubbling lake water which hisses all the more aggressively the deeper from the lake it is pulled.   Water from the pool is quintessential to the shadow drei drink that are strangely favoured by the Sang. This is strange because of the disturbing and sometimes lethal effects that the bubbling, black concoction can inflict upon the body. Nonetheless, the Wargs have often supplied their long vanquished enemy with the poison and are often the most regularly tradable goods the Wargs can give.


First Arrival

The warg migration started as a trickle. With successive waves crossing the Merrows and following the trails through to the shadow plain.   Beron and Nidae families in the first wave tentatively set up rough spurn tents to house small groups on the shores dark soil.  
It would've seem sensible at the time, surely. Rich damp soil in a natural clearing and surrounded by a thick canopy. The lack of other people would not be as fortuitous as they may have believed.
  The bodies of the entire first group would be discovered by the second who noted horrible burn marks on those closest to the lake and getting progressively less noticeable the further away from deathpool they went. This scared every successive groups into moving into the plains overlooking the lake and from where survivors observed the gas clouds for the first time.

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