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Tlazolteotl Priest



Career Progression

  1. Work as a field hand in the Popotla Fields for 20 years
  2. Serve ten years in a sanctioned temple in the internal service branches
  3. Volunteer for a sabbatical role after some time as a priestly apprentice

Other Benefits

  • Free prepared meals in the assigned temple 
  • Accomodations are paid for in assigned temple
  • 40 bean Stipend



This priest serves as a stand-in for the goddess Tlazolteotl to swallows all the transgressions, misdeeds and vices of a dying person and thereby purge those of spiritual waste. They do so by hearing the last confessions of the dying.


Goddess Tlazolteotl

Tlazolteotl is the deity of lechery and unlawful love. It is Tlazolteotl who inspires vicious desires and who likewise forgives and cleanses sin. She and her companions are also thought to afflict disease on people if they indulge themselves in forbidden love.  


Ochpaniztli is the Eleventh Month of the calendar. It is also a festival dedicated to Toci and Tlazolteotl and with residences cleaning or sweeping away. It climaxes with the sacrifice of a young woman from one of the peoples subjected to the power of the Alignment. They are bedecked with flowers and perfume for four days and teased by the women taking care of her about her final day of doom.



Popotla Covered Fields

An unfavorably, but necessary, farm of human excrement for:
  • Creating Fertilizer
  • Collecting Hallucinogenic Inhalants
  • Threatening to flood into Otoerm Coil
Popotla is the starting point for many commoners to integrate into a priesthood

Temple Attachment

Tlapouhqui are sent throughout the empire, by the Religious Bureaucracy, to ensure citizen from even the smallest settlements can expunge their taint to the most compassionate of deities.   No matter the faith, the Sacred Precinct sends and the far flung temples accept the sin eaters to ease the local burdens in this specific capacity.

Provided Services

  • Preside over the decomposition & fertilization of the Earth
  • Gather the human, animal excrement, rotting vegetation and carcasses for transport away from residences
  • Recycle the compost generated in settlements to spread over crops fields

Dangers & Hazards

Fumes from the Covered Fields

Before a commoner can rise to priest, and when the field worker is so lowly, they are subjected to literally wading through tubs of fermenting excrement. This process produces a hallucinogen that sometimes leaks and intoxicates those workers in the field.

  • Simple Herbs
  • Writing Utensils
Alternative Names
  • Eater of Filth
  • Shit Eater
  • Dirt Eater
  • Tlapouhqui
It is required that any secrets revealed are to remain so. However, many a times, this convent is broken.
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Cover image: Tlazoltéotl by André Hora


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