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Moon Scrawl

by hughpierre
A giant graffiti drawn on one of the cell walls under the moon tome.


It supposedly documents a secret tryst between a speaker's wife and supposed lover.

Document Structure


The image depicts Yaretzal's wife of 20 years in an intimate position with an unknown coyote-headed man. There is no colour beyond the white chafings craved into the wall from a piece of broken rock. And even that would fade away from the weekly cell flooding, but always, an outline of chalk would be redrawn by sneaky kids to show each other.

Coyote Man

It cannot be known who her partner is. He is abstractly outlined in equal proportion to the queen with the head of a coyote, spotted torso and stripped legs.

Sang Queen

It is known to be Lady Quilay by the distict birth mark on her left breast and healed claw marks on her thigh from when she was a girl.
The implication of this image is that the speaker's lady love had one or many affairs.   The coyote man is thought to have been the jailed lover himself, leaving behind a memento in the world to the object of his desire. It could also be the Colhuacan trickster God Huehuecóyotl who is known for several rendezvous, and thus, implied she had more than one paramour.
— opinions in the Religious Bureaucracy

Publication Status

The etchings drawn of the Speaker's queen is inaccessible and largely unknown to the public.

Historical Details


Sang Views on Sex

Sang culture is fairly repressed when it comes to sex. Laws on pre-marital sex and adultery are harsh in the Triple Alignment. Although some noble men have an exception in earning the right to a harem, anyone else caught in an affair can face death by fire.   This can be commuted to death by strangulation, if the perpetrator is high enough on the social ladder. Unmarried people can also face strict judgement but the sentence can be waved if those involved marry right away.   Besides being caught in the act, it is typically the girl(s) who face greater risk of being found out. Priests roam the country looking for arbitrary reasons that that child can represent a deity of the pantheon. It is a great honour to be chosen but being a virgin is a prerequisite. There is no way to know for sure if a boy remained a virgin when they are chosen, but a chosen girl put under examination by trained priestess.  
There was one episode in Ahautlan, where a girl refused to identify her lover after her physical showed she was sexually active. If it was one of her peers, she could have married him and avoided her fate.   But her defiance made it seem she was hiding bigger transgressions. Such suspicions could not be proven, of course, but it was used as justification to forgo the standard punishment and horribly disfigure her face and live the rest of her life in the human menagerie.
— records of the Religious Bureaucracy

Public Reaction

Word of the dungeon graffiti was spread from the jailers and water mice who work in the area, which eventually made its way through the court to Speaker Yaretzal. His response was conspicuously wiped from records but it is noted that he contended with greater domestic disputes with his nobles after the fact.

Statement, Inscription / Graffiti
Moon Tome
Building / Landmark | Jan 18, 2021
Tlazolteotl Priest
Profession | Jan 9, 2021


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