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Moon Scrawl
Document | Jan 18, 2021
Pictograph Name
        Dancing Owl
        Arriving at the hill of Chapultepec
      One citizen scorns another
          Eating poo
          Newly weds
          Mother teaches daughter to weave
          Exhaling Emperor
        Sun covering
      Knowing a subject inside out with zero effort
      When a great weight has been taken off the shoulders
    Never scorn or undervalue people
        A giver wants to consume again what has already left him
        Showing romantic affection in greeting
      To describe youth and the steps young people took towards adulthood
    To describe the emperor and the importance of every word that left his lips
    Death of a ruler, city, tradition or elder
Literal Translation
      His nahual’s helping him
        Time to bathe in Chapultepec
      Never ‘belly-button’ anyone...
          You can’t have your ‘cake’ and eat it
          My heart becomes white, your heart becomes white
      They begin to take on a face, a heart
      His breath, His word
          Today the sun’s covered his face

Geographical Distribution

The Sang have carried their script with them to every new place they have journey to. From Atlan, their speech changed through their time in Northern Range and then Dragonsgrave, to their new home in Sangsalgu.



Tecpillahtolli is simply a distinct rhetorical style that adds to the regular words of macehuallahtolli. It is a high rhetorical style of formal oratory speech and poetical writings and a favorite technique of the high class who use this style in diphrasal metaphors, where two phrases are symbolically combined to give rise to a new metaphorical reading. Examples include:  
Sounds Literal Translation/ Picture Description Meaning
in xochitl, in cuicatl the flower, the song poetry
in cuitlapilli, in atlapalli the tail, the wing the common people
in toptli, in petlacalli the chest, the box something secret
in yollohtli, in eztli the heart, the blood cacao
in iztlactli, in tencualactli the drool, the spittle lies

Recording Rhythm

As a sub-discipline to tecpillahtolli, a drummer slave might carry papers marked only with brush strokes. They tell the slave the rhythm to beat out with his hand on the drum as accompaniment to the poet’s recital.
Brush Styles Speakers' Effect
many small dabs of paint murmurous
some larger strokes sharply emphasize the words
variously commingled and variously spaced soft throb like a heart beat in the pauses between the lines

Common Phrases

Ie onquiza naoalli: anoce ónquiz in naoalli
        Ma chapultépec ninaalti
Áiac xictli in tlaltícpac
            Oppa ícuitl quicua
            Noyollo iiztaia, moyollo iiztaia
            Ixtli, yollotli quitquitinemi
        Ihíio, Itlátol
        Axcan mixtlapachmana yn tonatíuh

Root Languages
Sang Picture Writing
Sang Picture Writing
Language | Dec 12, 2020
  Alternate Names:
  • Lordly Speech
  • Language of the Nobility
  • Polite Politics
  • Double Dignity
  Spoken by

Code in Nonsense

It is expected for one’s body language to show the opposite of what one means in lordly speech. Especially given that there is no officially recognized written form, the grammar is extremely elaborate.   The peruser would have to be aware of the tenants of the subject as well as the intricacies of the culture of who had spoken. You could rightly point out that there is great potential for miscommunication, which happens often; sometimes by design.   The purpose then, is not just to seem more important, but for scrupulous groups to also communicate secret information in public or to purposefully provoke a war.

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Cover image: mayan glyphs by ikarusmedia


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