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by hughpierre

Master Conētl (a.k.a. The Scorpion)

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

Teotl Threads

Through his research, Conētl was able to develop a one-of-a-kind way to control wights through reinforced strings; as opposed to salt.   In addition, he devised several novel means of reinforcing the corpses and improving their longevity:
  • Feathers from Dragonsgrave strengthen the skin
  • Metal blades from Kuit change melee options
  • Wood provide a flexible frame
  • Conētl has a max of 50 teotl points that are are regained at the end of a long rest.
  • His teotl threads have 20 hp and immunity to all damage except from magic.
  • When he attacks, the wielder can replace an attack with a grapple check (with bonus) against a huge or smaller creature within 60 ft; after which the target becomes restrained.
  • Mental characteristics



    According to Conētl, back in his home land, he was already married to a beautiful wife and had a daughter he never held. Due to unspecified circumstances, he was forced to go on the run. An influential and trusted friend took his family under their protection and to prove that Conētl would return; swore to not lay with a another woman.


    Shop Keeper

    Conētl is quite an impressive artist and businessman- skills he attributes to his own no-nonsense father.   Inspite of his discipline, he recalls a childlike awe at seeing a dead dragon for the first time and the art that evolved from their feathers. He was able to the learn the craft at a startling speed and started selling work that depicted such riveting landscapes unseen by people in the valley.
    In my corner of the world, they are too far away to study and are said to have an influential effect on the weather.
    — Conētl describing the dragon Amaru to Cōzamālōtl

    Mental Trauma


    Through situations outside his control, Conētl was forced to leave his family behind in order to flee political persecution.   During his travels, he was able to discuss several principles of wightery through his witchy travel companions and theorized on how to incorporate his own native magic to create something new and advantageous to his situation.

    Morality & Philosophy

    Social Judgment

    The connections we have to other people are like strings that tug at you this way and that. We befriend those we admire. Aspire to make parents proud. Strive to be noticed by love interests.   What would happen should those strings be cut.
    — Conētl to Michin on improvement


    Corpse Handling

    Suspiciously, Conētl is able to extract testimony from corpses; albeit via a radically modified technique than that of the brine witches.   While the Tinged used salt to animate a body, Conētl utilizes a specialized string that is wound through the dead muscle to enable speech. In this way, several controversial court cases and investigations were settled.

    Personality Characteristics


    Secret Poisons

    After facing the dangers of travel for so long, Conētl learned of many exotic and non-descript plants and the value of concealed weapons. As a result, he prefers to coat his knives in a dizzying array of poisons that last for 1 hour.
    If a target takes damage a coated blade, they must attempt a DC 30 CON saving throw. On a fail, the target becomes poisoned for 3 days. While also being paralyzed.   The target may retry the saving throw at the end of each hour to end this effect early on a success. If they remain poisoned in this way for 3 days, they die instantly.

    Representation & Legacy


    The end result of his decade's of experimenting was an artform that very few know extensive details of. Before his long-awaited departure, Conētl allowed for his charges to freely study his creations for their own knowledge in the hopes that they could bring it further than he did.
    As an action or bonus action while threads is active:
    1. Conētl controls up to 3 puppets within 40 ft.
      • While controlling them, Conētl can choose whether he or a puppet takes his action, bonus action, and/or reaction
      • Both he and his puppet(s) can take their movement
      • Same proficiency bonus as the wielder (+6)
      • Has 25 teotl points
      • Only regain hp if Conētl spends at least 1 hour repairing it during a short or long rest
      • 10 hp
    2. If a puppet leaves the range of his movement speed, Conētl loses control of it.
    3. If Conētl can make more than 1 attack, he may make an attack with multiples or multiple attacks with a single puppet.


    Contacts & Relations


    A long-standing aid who Conētl sponsored to learn medicine and engineering.
    A former water mouse who Conētl caught vandalizing his shop but still convinced Conētl to house him.
    A girl given to Conētl from the Kuit of Kuit to spy on him, who everyone knows is a spy.

    Social Aptitude


    Conētl possesses an unflinching confidence. When negotiating with others, his face becomes a blank mask: no unconscious ticks, wandering eyes, frowns or twitching lips.
    Can I trust you.
    — Conētl to Āhuatomatl upon their first face-to-face meeting
    Conētl is very conscious of the 'normal' expectations during social interactions. Over the years, he had internalized some general rules in order to coax certain reactions out of people. Which he then teaches to the children he minds so they can better move through society on his behalf.  
    1. When confronted, provide details clearly. With conviction. No hesitation.  
    2. The omniscience of most authority figures is largely a myth. It is more about detecting fear through incoherent speaking as signs of deception.  
    3. Do not contradict facts. At best, speak half-truths that imply an alternate story. People are more likely to believe something they think they have solved for themselves.

    Wealth & Financial state

    Clandestine Connections

    Conētl initially appeared in Featherworks out of nowhere, yet possessed sufficient resourses to open a respectable workshop.   He alone appearing skilled enough to make toys, carve statuettes, tie featherart and - bizarrely - surgery. His diverse set of talents also made him uniquely sought after for specialty commissions by rich patrons. Yet, those patrons would always remain secret; as too the nature of what they bought.

    Current Status
    Returning Home
    Current Location
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Spymaster
  • Age
    Circumstances of Birth
    Born from an esteemed family
    Current Residence
    Feather Shop
    Clear Brown
    Rusty Brown
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Woody Brown
    5' 4"
    205 lbs
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    I hate waiting and making other people wait.
    Aligned Organization
    Other Affiliations
    Known Languages
  • Sang Picture Writing
  • Eeatian
  • Braiding
  • Character Prototype
    12 (+1) 16 (+3) 9 (-1) 18 (+4) 16 (+3) 12 (+1)
    Armour Class: 19
    HP: 73 ( 21d8 )
    Speed: 60ft
    Saves: STR +7, DEX +9, CON +5, INT +10, WIS +9
    Skills: Research +10, History +10, Insight +9, Medicine +9, Perception +9

    Character Portrait image: Placeholder Man by Annie Stein