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Humble Homes

Purpose / Function

Their purpose is like that of clothing: to provide privacy and protection that house the people who make seasonal journeys to Bai Sai⁣⁣⁣ and also serve to facilitate other activities.   Humble Homes are quintessentially very elaborate tents that can serve functionally as homes for the rich and poor, and as enclosed public areas, market stalls, stores, temples, libraries, depots and parlors.


A standard modular fabric structure shaped to enclose a cubic space and a hanging canopy.


The doorway materials and designs to many homes are emblematic to the position of the homes' residents:
  • Coloured cotton flaps by the coloured Divas
  • Beaded curtains by the visiting noble Rangers
  • Cactus fibre matting by the permanent labourers
  • Dull unicoloured fabrics by the seasonal labourers

Hazards & Traps

The volunteer and conscripted work force left in the city during hurricane season, are never able to finish tying all the homes into their folded compartments and cover them with rubber mats to protect them from the rains. As a consequence, some homes are lost to the winds and some men may fall to their deaths trying to secure them.

Special Properties

  1. Humble Homes are built to be collapsible from the loosely woven fibers.
  2. To delay decay and discourage bugs from eating it, some fabrics (for whom it is most important) are soaked in insecticides; and wax to repel rain water.


It is far too impracticable to weave a large curtain manses for the rich rangers given the steep and rocky mountain sides. That is why there are such standard homes that the rich pay to have stitched together to have larger accommodations to their tastes and customarily anchored to the cliff sides.


The homes are shelters made of cloth, supported by one or more poles and stretched tight by cords or loops attached to pegs driven into the ground.

Woven Walls

Cotton, animal hides and plant fibers are common to its manufacture which can be swapped to any orientation and dyed to any colour, but the most common is a dark brown to hide dirt.


Simple poles, flat stelas or integrate columns can stand in a showy manner as part of the aesthetics; or be hidden behind or wrapped around flowing curtains for a simple decor.

Matted Ground

To differentiate from the ground outside and discourage ants, coloured mats are laid across the floor to cover as much of the soil as a home can afford.
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Bai Sai
Settlement | May 8, 2021
Item | May 7, 2021

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