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by hughpierre
A charm is a feather enchanted with a fluttering of gold dusted carried inside the feather's rachis. From where a golden halo surrounds the brushes at the slightest movement.   It is the highest valuation in the economy.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Static Gold Dust

Just as the shock hides in ones cape, so too does the teotl hide in the feather's brushes.
— iztanamacaque of the pochteca class
  An invisible area is induced into the feather through the iztanamacaque's spell that serves to contain the dust in a way better than a pot. Should it fall, it would not shatter and the gold be blown away. And should it catch the wind, it would not fly away because the gold makes it too heavy.   Oftentimes, the glittering sight of the dust particles dancing about the feather enchants foreign merchants and rulers both that they willing pay for more than the material worth of the charm.

Manufacturing process

  1. Dissolve raw bark salt into a jug of boiled water
  2. Filter out the solid particulates out of the mixture
  3. Place a single ordinary feather onto the dish
  4. Gently pour the salt water over the feather
    • While doing so, a private iztanamacaque subtly vibrates the salt solution through the feathers' brush
  5. Tiny portions of gold dust are poured over the feather as the iztanamacaque works
    • Gold dust should continue to be poured until resultant salt-gold mixture stops vibrating


International Trade Asset

Though the Sang Empire lacks for neither gold nor duck feathers; charms are rarely seen by the commons and just as rarely by the nobility. They are almost exclusively controlled by the merchant class who ship them out to trade in far flung places outside the Alignment, who would never accept spells and where there are more cheaply made alternatives to cocoa and cloth.

Item type
Trade/Manufactured good
Current Location
Owning Organization
Artificially Controlled
Palm Size
Raw materials & Components
  • Silver Dish

Cover image: Zipping up a Feather


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Apr 17, 2021 21:55 by Jan Kaltenecker

This is a very intriguing short article.   The first sentence needs some rephrasing. I'm not fluent in English and couldn't make sense of it. Are you describing that the feather’s rachis is filled with gold dust and that it emits a golden halo when the barbs are moved?   Otherwise, it appears you are working in a theme of Mesoamerica/South American cultures? This is really enjoyable and the way you write adds to that flair.   Thank you for this article.

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Island-Inquest awaits!
Apr 18, 2021 19:58

Thanks for the feedback.   You interpreted the first sentence properly, but I changed it a little to be clearer. If there is any other suggestion to make it easier to grasp, feel free to share.