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Citlallo Cuāyōllōtl

by hughpierre



Astrology is a central feature of step folk culture
A knowledge of astrology is tied into the claims, practices, and world view Of the step folk. This is inclusive for a full understanding of their religion, politics, and science.

Public Agenda

To train astrologists to monitor cosmic events, plot star movements and maintain the territorial integrity of the cavern they represent.

Demography and Population

Step Folk

The majority of observatoriums are overseen step folk nobles who carry out their duties with religious zeal.


Talented children from the sink can earn sponsorships and apprenticeships while studying in their temples.

Valley People

Valley people, unused to the thin air, need to first spend years living at the lower elevations before they can be offered a position.


Bad Step

The isolated echelons that raise between the peak and mid ranges that are often home to the purest of Step Folk.
The very tops of the Step's mountains, sparsely populated and more often covered in snow.


The Citlallo Cuāyōllōtl maintain several temples within the centers of nearly all the Long Step's colonial territories, as part of their talent scouting missions.



Worship of the 800 divided stars in the North and South skies.

Centzon Mīmixcōa

Observation, study and worship of the 400 'Cloud-Serpents'. The slain gods of the northern stars whose corpses coagulated into the frozen skies.
  • Cuāuhtli-icohuauh ('Eagle's Twin') "hid inside a tree"
  • Mix-cōātl ('Cloud Serpent') "hid within the earth"
  • Tlo-tepētl ('Hawk Mountain') "hid within a hill"
  • Apan-teuctli ('River Lord') "hid in the water"
  • their sister, Cuetlach-cihuatl, "hid in the ball court"

Centzon Huītznāuhtin

Observation, study and worship of the 400 'Southerners'. The elder sons of Cōātlīcue, and led by their sister Coyolxāuhqui who plotted to murder their mother upon learning of her pregnancy with Huītzilōpōchtli.   Their plan was thwarted when their brother sprang from the womb—fully grown and garbed for battle—and killed them all.

Foreign Relations

The Talons

The Gaioor university is a well trusted foreign partner who they exchange many of their scholars with.

College of Birds

A favoured partner and funder in many of the observatoriums' pursuits.

Weather Forts

More an odd customer than a partner, the Rangers negotiate several times a year for updated charts and leases for use of the observatorium's arrays without sharing their findings.

Trade & Transport

Carrier Drops

Arrangements are made discreetly with Oztomecintli for carriers to fly over their facilities and air drop supplies.   Low rank residents are then equipped to locate and bring back packages when the carriers are spotted.


Temple of Learned Arts

Within every Sink, there are underground temples insulated against the cold by surrounding hot-rocks and staffed with many teachers from Citlallo Cuāyōllōtl.


Observatories whose primary function is to study astronomy and climatology and to facilitate observances of geophysics, oceanography and volcanology with its partner institutions.



An observatorium is the large dome that protects the delicate mirror instruments for observing the sky. They were all built with help from the courtiers's gold salts and the queen's method.   The domes have a slit or other opening in the roof that can be opened or closed by retracting canvas made from fungal fabrics.

Educational, Scientific Institute
Major Exports
Star/Sky Charts
Major Imports
Metal Mirrors
Dragon Eyes
Parent Organization
Related Professions
Controlled Territories
Manufactured Items
Bad Step
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Ahcap Wall
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