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Purpose / Function

Often considered as a school to become a god; it is a place where adherents are exposed to secret philosophies of ever greater consequence the higher one graduates.


Stone Skeleton

The three skeletal frames that support the inter-twisting towers were made possible by the gold salt making the upper portions far far lighter than at the base, without compromising their weight bearing potential.   Stone pillars and arches are arrayed like modular boxes stacked on top of one another, giving the buildings' their sharp angles.


Sky Bridges

Fifteen elevated and enclosed pedways connecting two of the three towers at different levels.


A sunken aquarium directly under the talon towers where the moat and aquatic specimens are tended to.

Sensory & Appearance

Ink Stone Façade

Typical construction holds all a building's walls to be load bearing. But the Talon was meant to be so tall that there was no concevable means to source enough stone using conventional methods.   So a sequence of repeating hollow modular boxes contained only the weight bearing stone pillars and arches, stained gold typical of the salt. Bricks made of broken and salvaged ink stone filled in the space between columns.



Most past alumni are consumed into the Talons to administer different sections and levels of the institute; with the oldest graduates gate keeping the higher floors.


Local noble children and foreign transfers and visitors from partner institutions are taught and accommodated in a multitude of housing options.


Talons' Claws

The crowning ornament of the talons are the architectural fish hook design at the top of the towers and point towards the central axis. Once these 'claws' were completed, the empty space pocket was thought to be aestheticially lacking.   So expeditions were set to look for suitable gems for the claws to hold.
Red Jewel
A huge eye extracted from a flooded crater mine near the Ñuñu Hills.
Blue Jewel
A half buried star discovered in the Cold Swamp.
Green Jewel
A giant rusted bell found hanging in the central heart of Eeat.


The Talons are three interconnected towers that look to emerge from Longma and hook towards their collective central axis, reminiscent of a bird's talons. It appears to rise from an artificial island and constructed using the Queen's Method of building tall structures. The towers' outer exterior were given an ink stone facade and three massive coloured jewels to perch at the top of the Talon's claws.


Leech Moat

The last of the species are kept and cared for in a custom made aquarium. Though they are endangered, the leech snake's alien likeness acts as a deterrent to potential trespassers.
Rumors of being drained to husks is enough to dissuade attempts.
Alternative Names
Talon Towers
University / Educational complex
Parent Location

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