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Queen's Construction Method

by hughpierre
A method of building tall buildings by utilizing gold salt that fuses and lifts the normally heavy materials for easier carrying, turning upright or levitating to highers positions without excessive scaffolding.


Political Purpose

Various corn queens delivered gold salt to their neighbours, far and wide, as a means of projecting soft power. Usually, this was in regards to building up strong stone defensive fortifications. However, the salt also allowed for the innovation of domed structures which quickly became the hallmark and proof of courtier culture. As a consequence, there were many colonies and trade partners wanting the prestige of having at least one domed building in their city.  

Significant Buildings

Citadels of Cinteōtl
A huge raised complex on an island in the middle of the tlaloque rivers topped with a honeycombed dome.
Sun Pillars
A collection of simple 40 foot pillar regularly arrayed and crowned with focusers of various materials (mirrors, polished brass, lenses) that redirect sun rays onto the pathways between them.
A great many investments are made in observatories and laboratories for observing terrestrial or celestial events from the cold summits often very far away from the majority of the population centers.
The Womb
The largest building in all of Long Step in White Woman. It is an administrative palace that has been built over ten times in its past.
Bald Building
Headquarters of the Scorn Ones whose most distinctive feature is its white plastered dome. This ones dome, however, was stolen from the Teiks' own market palace.



Simply allowing the gold salt in infuse with the heavy block to make it light enough for a normal man to physically carry and set in place.  


Levitating Platforms
This is functionally what gold balloons are used as, except the platforms are not reusable.   It involves taking any previously discarded heavy construction material to prefabricate a flat standing surface, then infusing the gold salt at separate intervals to attained different heights. Once a project is completed, the platform is let go to drifts across the sky.
Free Drift
This is where the block wanting to be used is infused, attached with weights and then let go to drift slowly skyward and a waiting crew uses long hooks to catch and pull the floating block toward them to place.

Components and tools

Gold Salt

A levitating metamaterial that fuses with every other material there is and inducing a lighter-than-air quality in them.


Rubber balls and nets that contain gold salt for transport or as a vital component in the gold balloons.

Miscellaneous Heavy Material

The construction materials serving as the building blocks themselves.



The courtiers of Soonous are the sole controllers of Cinteotl from where gold salt precipitates.   The Queen in "Queen's Construction", of course, refers to the Corn Queen. While there are some exception throughout history, their general policy has been free distribute the salt to their neighbours and to withhold it as a political tool.


Courtiers make their salt available year-round, but it is generally more difficult, and so more expensive, to transport it during the rainy season.   Likewise, this method becomes cumbersome during even light rains when the view looking up is obscured. Some have tried to go without it, but if ones' rivals are able to build taller towers or higher walls; then the boycotting group is severely hampered. Therefore, every people in the valley look to maintain favourable relations and everyone has learned their methods.

Past Projects

Golden Bridge
Building / Landmark | Jun 18, 2020
The Great Temple of Tonatuih
Building / Landmark | Jun 3, 2020

Cover image: Levitating by Nele Diel


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