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Snow Labs

by hughpierre

Purpose / Function

A ground and basement level workshop for specialized for the manufacture of crystallize art, mineral mirrors and special orders and refocusing dragon lens.

Sensory & Appearance


Like with most other of Citlallo Cuāyōllōtl's observatories, the workshop takes up the base of a very cold place. As a result, ice creeps along the inner walls and corners. The center of its rooms are kept clear with the use of wide diameter hot-rock columns that connect the earth's heat, through the building's core to the observatoriums on the roof.



The master crystal shaper who long developed his instinct and patience to grind and polish the quartz crystal that imparts proper curvature.


Teams of the master's progenies, who are more likely to be his sons, are trained to center the stone for precise grinding

Contents & Furnishings

Dragon Eyes

More valuable and rarer than its feathers, it is coveted for its ability to focus or act as a conduit towards magical feats.

Polished Metals

The most outstanding examples of iron ore workmanship have produced black, grey, gold, silver and reddish-brown varieties of durable highly reflective mirrors with a non-tarnishing metallic surface.



Shelves, from floor to roof, hold rough angular quartz nestled on clumps of cotton.   Being a fairly common stone, whenever a particularly clear piece of quartz is stumbled upon, they are brought to the master's workroom to be worked at a later time. They can range from the size of a knuckle to a cob of maize.

Parent Location
Connected Rooms
Owning Organization

Cover image: Icewind Dale - Rime of the Frostmaiden by Jedd Chevrier


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