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Ahcap Wall (Ah-cap)


Ahcap is a band of utter blackness that rips the starry night sky in two; with clusters of stars on either side.  
It is either thought of as a heavenly bridge, spanning a sea of stars. Or as a boundless wall separating mortals from the affairs of the gods. The public's opinion on which, shifts depending on whether or not its been a good or bad year.
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Ecosystem Cycles

Elder Cycle

The 50 year half of the elder moon cycle is the period of time where a single bright star is seen clearing its way through the length of the wall.   It is the most distant of cosmic bodies, and yet holds a dramatic sway over our environment. During its cyclic 50 year reign in the heavens, floods become frequent, seasons are harsher and the earth quakes readily.
Alternative Name(s)
  • Black Bridge
  • Nighted Bed
  • Type
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    Cover image: LEV VIKA by Abstract River


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