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Blowing Lashes

by hughpierre


Blowing ones eyelashes at a huaca on the sideway is means of quickly praying to the local deity.   A traveler would pluck a hair from their brow and blow a kiss towards the huaca to wish for safe travels. If they forgot, then they would bite their collar to ward off the bad luck that was sure to follow from disrespecting the huaca.

Components and tools


Huacas are the form and deeds of the gods. The proof of divinity.
Its power is proportional to the one praying. Anything that is unique can be a huaca:
  • Bone White Huarango Tree
  • Coricancha
  • Idols
  • Braided Grass Rope
  • A Lover
  • Withy Birdcage
  • Weapons
  • Kang Ruins
  • Twin Eared Maize
  • Caves
  • Imperial Presence
  • Quipu Records
  • Punchao
  • Communities
  • Gardens
  • The Unfamiliar
  • Staff of a Tocoyricoc
  • Lashes from the Sapa's face
  • Sun and Stars
  • Glass
  • Crystals
  • Unusual Rocks
  • Apacheta
  • Observance

    Siq'i Ritual Pathways

    Siq'i lines originate at the Qurikancha and travel in relatively straight pathways. Hayaqiago, Giantsfall, the Neverending Forest and Chinkapun encircle Tahuantinsuyo and mark where the roads end. The wak'a's location dictates the path of the siq'i line, and hence the road. They are constructed as straight as can be and are normally segmented such that the paths frequently curve or zigzag.  
    Ceque lines mark where the divine winds intersect with the terrain and thus where knottery devices are able to 'turn natural energy' and produce their magical effects.
      It is only on, or near, these pathways where Innoit magic works. The pathfinders put alot of effort into tracking and mapping the siq'i lines of the world so their armies' travel is the most protected.

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