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Elder Moon

by hughpierre


It is contested between cultures as to whether the cosmological entity is a moon or a star. The body emits a twinkling yellow glow from dead center of the ahcap band, seeming to all to be the reason for the parting of the stars.
— Observer of the Centzon faith


Elder Fever

An intensification of the body's sensitivity to internal pain brought about by the presence of the moon overhead. It typically has crippling effects on arthritic elders and menstruating women.   Conversely, select groups gain strength and greater proficiency in salt spells during this period.

Ecosystem Cycles

Cycle of the Elder Moon

The 50 year half of the elder moon cycle is the period of time where fever reports begin. There are two 10 year winding up and down times in the cycle that eases victims into and out of their decades long challenge.   It is the most distant of the constants, and yet holds a dramatic sway over our environment. During its cyclic 50 year reign in the heavens, floods become frequent, seasons are harsher, diseases more prevalent and the earth quakes readily.

Natural Resources

Yellow Glass: It is hypothesized by outsiders that the massive rock housed in the Sheien and acts as throne and deity to the courtiers is a bit of the yellow moon that fell to earth long ago.   It is currently the only source of gold salt used in building construction and flight.


As the story goes, a wanderer, who would later become the immortal Corn King, witnessed a brilliant falling from the sky. A tall piece of glowing rock had planted itself in the center of the mais valley and had showered the wanderer in an initial exposure of gold salt.   It is thought to have extended his life beyond natural limits, but might have also cursed him to become a Corn Demon.
Tribesman in Highwatch
  After hearing this tale, many Ocumtitian glass forgers contend that the living throne is the result past rock rains. And given that it is yellow, from the furthest moon: the Yellow Moon.

Alternative Name(s)
Yellow Moon
Planetoid / Moon
Location under
Owning Organization
Ahcap Wall
Geographic Location | Oct 20, 2021

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Cover image: Delta Groove by Matthew Hasty


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