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Eye Piece

Mechanics & Inner Workings


The eye piece is a crystal with one plane surface and an inner curve. Warpings and other imperfections can at least cause rainbow spots and ripples that obscures vision, and at worst, can blind the viewer. These same rainbows are also used in conjunction with the consumption of hallucinogenic drugs to mesmerize the user and enhance the experience.   Its design originated from the burning crystals used by the humblest step folk to start kitchen fires or by priests as fire-drill devices.

Manufacturing process

  1. A jewel-grade gem is found from the earth and shaped into a flat disk to cover over an eye from brow to cheekbone
  2. Careful designers grind one side of the surface face to concave
    • The intended owner needs to be on site as the crystalsmith regrinds and repolishes the concavity to their specific needs
  3. Afterwards, the finished crystal is fitted into a custom made circlet and attached to a handle or strap to tie around ones head



A scrupulously exact crystal shaped by the hand an experienced crystalsmith from the slopes and peaks of the Bad Step. Every one made is handcrafted specially for the person who commissioned it.   Eye pieces are not overly expensive to produce. It takes alot of the crafter's time; but even an amateur or crystal hobbyist can make one if they are patient and meticulous enough. The greatest expense lies in getting Long Step citizens to part with their source of crystals.
It is not that they are greedy or the gems of particular value. It's that in the icy summits, exposed Jumps and windy slopes all make for such a cold environment that fires are in constant demand. Therefore, it's not the crystal sellers who raise the price, but the crafters.


As a result, people on the valley basin (where it is easier to start fires) collect eye pieces for an intimidation factor against friends and foes. Some wearers have become so defined by the eyes that they earn nicknames or base thier chosen name based around those features like Blood Eye, Yellow Stare, Sky Finder or Night Sight.   Incidentally, many snow jewels become family heirlooms and whose inheritors are not likely to be able to wear without getting dizzy or being blinded.
Alternate Names
Snow Jewel
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Current Location
Current Holder
Owning Organization
Raw materials & Components
  • Quartz or Axis or Transparent Limestone
  • Clay Paste
  • Copper Circlet
  • Leather Thong
  • Polishing rag
  • Grinding stone
Snow Labs
Building / Landmark | Nov 20, 2021

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Cover image: Dr. Strange Eye of Agamotto by Mickael Sasmaz


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