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by hughpierre

Purpose / Function

Observatories whose primary function is to study astronomy and climatology and to facilitate observances of geophysics, oceanography and volcanology with its partner institutions.


An observatorium is the large dome that protects the delicate mirror instruments for observing the sky. They were all built with help from the courtiers's gold salts and the queen's method.

Contents & Furnishings

Mirror Apparatuses

A set of complicated instruments that bounce the sky lights through curved mirrors or dragon eye lenses, usually within a cylindrical frame.


Roof Opening

The domes have a slit or other opening in the roof that can be opened or closed by retracting canvas made from fungal fabrics.


Visiting Scholars

Scholars from the Talons, the College of Birds, the many learned art temples and astronomers from the basin are invited to teach and research using their facilities.

Secretive Rangers

The odd Ranger negotiates several times a year for updated charts, leases and modifications to the observatorium's arrays.

Rich Adventurers

Occasionally, an eccentric entrepreneur would take the difficult journey directly to the source to commission specific and precise devices, rather than going through secondary parties.

Observatory / Telescope
Parent Location
Included Locations
Connected Rooms
Owning Organization
Mountain Blood
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