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Dueling Dawns


"Dueling Dawns" is a two-person game originating from the cavern cities in the Bad Step. It involves the two players 'dueling' with a three layered concentric apparatus (called the star), usually made of wood; but stone, bone and ivory models exist for the rich as well.

Components and tools

There are two ways to play this game: the strategic way or the lucky way.   The objective in both is to push your way through the three 'orbits' and slide your 'star' to the center of the other. This is done via the 'moons' that are placed in whatever configuration the player decides around their star. And these moons collide with the opposing star's moons to make the path clear.


This game is popular to the inhabitants along the Bad Step, even among adults, on account of the Step's advantageous position in viewing and being affected by both the summer sun and winter sun in the skies. As the people are constantly awash in light; the notion became that the suns are at a constant state of war and their homes are the skirmish grounds.


In Strategic

The moons are engraved with a number whereby, during a collision, the moon with the lowest number is removed. During their turn, the player can decide to either slide their star forward or back one step and turn their star to make a collision happen in their favor. The game revolves around resource management and forward planning to win. It continues until the one side surrenders or the number of moons are out of play.  

With Luck

Follows much the same, except there are no numbers. The numbered and uniformed moons are replaced with marbles, or stones or any small piece of rubbish that might be found anywhere. And the collisions are normally won by the heaviest piece. That is, there is no slow and defined turning of the star. Here, the star is advanced in ever which way and then spun sharply and quickly to send moons flying.
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